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022 – The Difference Between Trading and Investing in Equities

Episode 22 – The Difference Between Trading and Investing Equities

In this episode we answer a listener’s questions on choosing a trading style to match your personality and beginner trading account size, as well as offering some thoughts on the suitability of Hussein SayedBinary Options. We also speak with Hussein Sayed, Chief Market Analyst at FXTM about the differences between trading equities and investing over the long term. We wrap the episode up with a frank analysis of how much extra work it is to swap from forex to equities trading and whether you can do both.

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Hussein Sayed joined us on the podcast to lend his wisdom on equities trading. He shared his thoughts on some of the similarities and differences between trading vs investing in equities. We asked him whether a forex trader could invest in blue chip stocks as a side project to build a personal pension and at what timeframe trading becomes investing.

Mikey, a young trader from the UK emailed the show with some questions on trading and we answered where we could and admitted that in places we didn’t have the answer. We have promised to get a suitable guest on the show who can provide the analysis he needs!

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Lastly, we have had to admit that switching at will between equities and forex trading, unless using a purely technical strategy, is going to be virtually impossible – there is simply too much to learn and too many things to keep an eye on. We will need to make a decision if we want to go down the equities route or stick to forex trading!

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