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023 – Equities Technical Trading Strategies

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Episode 23 – Equities Technical Trading Strategies

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In this episode Owen finally finalises his forex trading strategy and gives an overview of his fundamentals-> sentiment ->technical methodology. Full credit goes to Brandon Turner of Intex Learn for his coaching in this respect. The methodology will also be familiar to aficionados of Jarratt Davis. It is a trading style that requires you to be fully tuned into the markets at all times and as such is quite intensive. However, given time and experience it should yield results.

We also discuss the US election and the trading opportunities it presents. It is the biggest trading opportunity since the Brexit vote so we need to be prepared.

Our interview is with Peter Robbins [ @prrobbins ] a highly experienced equities trader from Ontario, Canada. His 40 years of experience has led him to a few different technical trading strategies Peter Robbinsthat provide him an ‘edge’ in the equities markets. It was great to get the benefit of the words of wisdom from someone with 4 decades of trading experience.

That wraps up equities month here at Two Blokes Trading and we share our musings on what we have learned and what the future holds for our trading.

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