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035 – The Importance of Hard Work When Learning to Trade

Episode 35 - Hard Work in Trading
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Episode 35  -The Importance of Hard Work When Learning to Trade

The Blokes talk about what it means to have a Trading Edge and share their current, tentative steps towards finding their own Edges. It is a central pillar of becoming a successful trader and something far more difficult to nail down than might be thought.


Tom is looking at the Supertrend indicator and Owen appears to have made something up that has no bearing in any proven trading theory – but he’s testing it nonetheless!

Sam Leach

The guest is star-trader Samuel Leach of Samuel & Co Trading, a young man who has sprung to fame recently and explains how he has done so well at such a young age. The Blokes speak to him about his start in trading, the importance of hard work in any successful trading journey, early trading mistakes, and how it is that he manages to make staggering returns in the market. We also talk with him about some of the press coverage he has had and how it isn’t always a good thing.



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