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046 – Global Macro Strategy with Fund Manager Zech

Global Macro Strategy
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Episode 46 - Global Macro Strategy with Fund Manager Zech

Episode focus: Global Macro Strategy with Fund Manager Zech.

This Week - We kick off the episode with some trading psychology life lessons. Tom uses the S3 and R3 for a relatively simple way of trading support and resistance lines. However, as with all technical trading systems, indeed all forex trading systems, the key is trading psychology! Tom experienced the doubt that we all face when confronted with a losing week and the decisions he made are a trading lesson for us all!

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FundManagerZechThe Trader Interview - Global Macro Strategy with Fund Manager Zech


Zechariah Zheng -


Last week we focused on technical trading strategies with Clive Lambert of Futures Techs. This week we switch fire to trading the fundamentals. Zechariah Zheng goes by the name Fund Manager Zech on his eToro account because he likes to trade macro ideas - just like a hedge fund manager trading style! He gives us the detail on where he gets the research for his global macro trading ideas and how he finds his trading entries and exits.


Zech is one of the brightest people we have interviewed and his ‘global macro thesis’ trading style is completely different to anyone else we have spoken to. This is a must-listen trader interview!


As promised, these are the books that he mentions:


The Alchemy of Finance by George Soros

Irrational Exuberance by Robert J. Shiller


The Coming Week - Many of the major currencies have shifted sentiment recently with unexpected data releases and Brexit pressures, so Owen is in for a tricky but potentially lucrative week of trading the forex fundamentals. Tom needs to find his psychological edge and apply this to his technical trading edge to keep sneaking that account gradually higher!

See you all back here next Monday, happy trading!

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