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047 – From Technical Trader to Robot Trader with Cam Hawkins

52 Traders - Cam Hawkins

Episode 47 - From Technical Trader to Robot Trader with Cam Hawkins

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This Week - This episode starts with Owen’s personal trading plan for trading the French election. Part one of the two-part French Presidential Election is on 23rd April and Owen has put together a comprehensive scenario analysis and trade plan. This is based on the knowledge he gleaned from David Cheetham - Chief Market Analyst at XTB - in Episode 44 ‘How to Trade Elections’.


Owen will be providing a full blog post detailing his plan that can be found on the Two Blokes Trading blog page. But, be warned, this is the first election he has tried to trade like this, so don’t just go ahead and copy him without making your own decisions! Always use your own analysis!


There are any number of trading outcomes from what could be a good day for Macron, Fillon, Le Pen or Mélenchon - David Cheetham’s call for ‘strong convictions, loosely held’ is key here!


The Trader Interview - From Technical Trader to Robot Trader with Cam Hawkins


Cam Hawkins InterviewCam Hawkins -


Cam is the host at 52 Traders, one of our favourite trading podcasts, but he also has a side gig as the proprietor of This is where Cam shows normal mortals like us how to build Expert Advisors for MT4 coding. He shows how using FxDreema to build logic flow charts for algos or robots can be applied to just about any trading style - even if, like me, you are looking for a fundamentals trading robot!

Tom has looked at the course and is enjoying it - he’ll be completing it and using Cam’s tips to automate his trading as soon as possible. If you are a manual technical trader and you are worried about the difficulties associated with building algorithmic trading systems or trading robots, then a service like this is key.

Tom enjoyed the course so much that he has convinced Cam to give TBT audience members a special price! You can navigate through this link or enter TBT at checkout to get some money off - you are very welcome!


The Coming Week - We look forward to the French Election and have teamed up with our friends at XTB to bring you a webinar all about how to trade the French presidential election. This is on the 20th April and you can find it here.


If you are wondering how to trade the French election then this webinar is the place to be!

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