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049 – Cut Through Noise with Martin Luke, CEO of VOX Markets

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Episode 49 - Cut Through Noise with Martin Luke, CEO of VOX Markets

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This Week we are starting to learn with the Traders Support Club. After Ali Crooks came on the show last week and invited us to start his programme and begin his course we jumped at the chance. Tom is excited to polish and perfect his technical trading strategy and Owen is looking to see if he can use the knowledge to either supplement his Forex fundamentals trading strategy, or use the course to put together a technical trading algorithm or maybe even a trading robot based on price action.


We kick off the programme by filling in a detailed questionnaire - it is clear that this programme is tailored to each individual and not just a one size fits all trading course! We compare our answers to some pretty searching questions and learn a bit about ourselves and each other!


Martin Luke InterviewThe Trader Interview. It is pretty cool to have the opportunity to welcome on to the show Martin Luke, CEO of VOX Markets. Martin believes in trading communities as much as we do, and his decades of experience shines through in this interview. Martin  is here to tell us about the value of information in trading shares, but in getting the right infomation and cutting out the noise. VOX markets is all about getting info from the ‘horse’s mouth’ and they regularly have CEOs of small cap companies on their podcast and site to get more of the right information into the public. This was a fascinating chat and undoubtedly some of the best insight into shares trading that we’ve had on the show.


Owen is on new ground with his interview here - he has a lot less knowledge about shares trading than Forex. This interview has the feel of some of the earliest Two Blokes Trading interviews, when it was all completely fresh! That said by asking Noob questions, Owen hopes that he’ll be getting the answers that best help anyone looking at getting into shares trading!


The Coming Week


David Cheetham, Chief Analyst at XTB Brokers is back on the show to give us his rundown of the French Election second round ‘runoff’ that is taking place on Sunday 7th May. This round is a lot simpler, with only two candidates - Macron and Le Pen - going head to head. The polls suggest an easy victory for Macron but they’ve been wrong before… If Macron wins there may be opportunity to fade recent gains as people look to take profit, or it may rally still further - hard to say and impossible to know for sure! Either way, David’s insight offers us some potential ways to profit and highlights a common newbie trap - you’ll want to listen to the episode just to learn how to avoid that! If you want more of David’s analysis then XTB are holding a free Webinar focusing on the French Election run-off on Thursday 4th May at 8.30pm London time. You can register free here.

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