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052 – Intuitive Trading with Andre Minassian

Intuitive Trading with Andre Minassian
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Ep 52 - Intuitive Trading with Andre Minassian


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In this show:


  • Tom begins this episode with a frankly horrifying chicken-based anecdote, but it is all uphill from there.

  • We’ve taken part in the first online trading room webinar with Traders Support Club, and we really feel underway on the next stage of our trading journey.

  • We interview Andre Minassian - The Intuitive Trader - who brings a unique life philosophy to his trading.

  • We have a special announcement for those who are total Forex trading beginners


Trading Rules


Once we’ve got Tom’s macabre tale of poultry slaying out of the way we get into the trading-proper! Our first experience of the Traders Support Club ‘Live Online Trading Room’ was a positive one. Ceri Bryans (see Episode 42 for more from her!) gave a two hour introduction to the philosophies of Traders Support Club. Everything that they do at TSC is clearly thought out and rules-based, but leaves room for interpretation. Now, that might seem counter-intuitive, but what it means is that you are free to create your own trading style, but within a proven framework.


We both have a solid grounding in trading theory, after almost a year of active trading, but hearing profitable traders talking in detail about their trading rules, strenghts, weaknesses, style and mindset was fascinating.


Andre Minassian - The Intuitive Trader


Andre Minassian is one of the most uniquely interesting people we have ever had on the podcast. We met Andre at Round The Clock Trader Live, and event that we went to in London. We interviewed Andre in front of a crowd there but it was great to have another thirty minutes with such a free-thinking trader!


Andre’s essential premise is that he trades from intuition. He believes that the markets are far more controlled than many people believe, and his long experience and intuitive way of thinking means that he can predict what it is that the higher powers want the markets to do.


The good news, for the rest of us, is that Andre believes this intuitive way of thinking is a skill that can be taught. If you are interested in learning more about Andre then you can find him at


Special Announcement for Rookie Forex Traders


One of the things that has bugged us here at Two Blokes Trading Towers for a while is the ‘barrier to entry’ for new traders. We hope that the podcast and website have provided some resources that make entering the world of Forex an easier process. But, we feel we could do more.


So, after a year in which we have interviewed over fifty traders and trading industry insiders we feel that we have some great knowledge that could be useful for people trying to start in the industry. We aren’t going to be telling people how to trade just now, because we aren’t consistently profitable, but we definitely know the inner workings of this industry.


So, we are putting on a special webinar for trades who are new to Forex to show them how to avoid scams and how to set up an account with a reputable broker. Then we will show them the starting point to get a great trading education for free! Watch this space!


See you back here next week,


Happy Trading!

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