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061 – Perfect Your Trading Routine with Andy Demi

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Ep. 61 - Perfect Your Trading Routine with Andy Demi


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In this episode:


  • Hedge Fund trader Andy Demi of London Trading Group talks trading routine, trading motivation and how he builds a repeatable trading system

  • We discuss how to structure your day to Trade Like a Boss!

  • Owen gets a(nother) man crush and Tom gets jealous

  • Tom and Owen determine to reset their lives - start with being fit and healthy and getting out of bed on time and the success will come!

  • Tom reads ‘Building Winning Algorithmic Trading Systems’ by Kevin Davey and gives us the lowdown

  • Owen reconsiders dipping his toe into cryptocurrencies trading with the Ashraf Laidi webinar


Trader Interview - Andy Demi of London Trading Group - Perfecting Your Trading Routine


Andy Demi is a properly motivated chap. Up at 0430 hrs and straight to the gym. He’s at his desk by 0615 hrs ready to Trade Like A Boss!


If you are struggling for a bit of motivation in your trading, or life in general, then listen to this interview and you will come away feeling full-on inspired.


A technical trader who uses 5% macro fundamentals, Andy Demi believes in repeatable systems that you can build into a rock-solid trading routine. He believes in controlling your environment in a routine that suits your personality.


A Routine that Works for You.


As Owen says on the podcast, the best form of exercise is one that you enjoy. That way you are definitely going to do it and not put it off like a total melt. The same goes for trading routine. Pick a routine that works for you and stick to it.


Not a morning person? Don’t try and replicate Andy Demi-god’s hardcore 0430 rise, but make damn sure you do your analysis in the evening, every evening.


Owen thinks running really long distances at a low intensity is sinfully boring, so he smashes hill sprints instead. Tom thinks lifting weights is utterly dull, so he marches up massive hills with a heavy bergen.


Same goes for trading routine - Owen has to get up at 0530 because that’s when his baby gets up. Tom on the other hand loves his 8 hours, so he’ll do his analysis the night before!


Find something that works for you and stick to it!

Trade Like a Boss


Tom and Owen were feeling inspired at the end of the podcast, thanks to Andy’s blatant total bossing of life. So they’ve decided to get their act together and build proper routines to help them Trade Like a Boss.


We encourage you to do the same.


And not in some naff, super-motivational American-style schmaltzy way (apologies to our American audience, we love you.)


Rather, we encourage you to join us in a vaguely cynical but ultimately effective British way. Completely with faux-understatement and plenty of unnecessary swearing. Non-Brits welcome too! Take this opportunity to reset your life, get a routine and start to Trade Like a Boss!

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