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066 – Personal Performance Management with Patrick Munnelly of Littlefish FX

Ep. 66 – Personal Performance Management with Patrick Munnelly of Littlefish FX


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In this episode:


  • We continue to laugh at Tom’s misfortune / foolishness

  • We launch a trading competition. Kind of.

  • Patrick Munnelly from Littlefish FX talks about personal performance management

  • He also tells us what makes a trader a success at his prop trading company

  • Patrick has a vacancy! If you ever wanted to work at a prop trading firm, now is your chance!


Trader Interview – Patrick Munnelly of Littlefish FX – Personal Performance Management


Patrick is the head trader at Littlefish FX. He has successfully trained many profitable traders, Having seen both good and bad traders, Patrick helps us pinpoint the personal traits of consistently profitable traders.


If Patrick had a watchword it would be ‘reflection’. This is a man that rivals episode 61’s Andy Demi for trade journaling detail. Self reflection, it seems, is the key to being a profitable trader. Or, at least, one of the keys. Sadly, Patrick confirms, there is still no single ‘magic ingredient’ to make yourself wildly profitable!


Personal performance management is as important as managing the performance of your trading strategy itself. If you are not in the right place to trade, it doesn’t matter how good your strategy is.


Patrick knows what makes him tick and can manage himself – think of it like a high-performance athlete getting ‘in the zone’ before big race. This is something that The Blokes are focussing on at the moment, so it is a timely chat!

Work at a Prop Trading Firm!


After successfully educating many profitable traders, the chaps at Littlefish FX recently launched a prop trading firm. The first class has graduated, and he is now looking to bring through the next generation of traders.


Patrick says that experience is not necessary – he is looking for the right kind of people. If you are wondering if you are indeed the right kind of person, then you need to listen to the episode!


There aren’t many opportunities to work in prop trading that are easy to get into without a trading track record. The problem is, how do you get the track record? Patrick is offering to take on people with no record at all, if he thinks he can make them profitable.


Interested? Then he is waiting to hear from you:

Trading Competition


We are launching a trading competition! Or are we? You decide. If you are up for it email us at or visit


To counterbalance all the risky martingale (ahem) and crypto trading chat from the last few weeks, we have decided to launch a trading competition that promotes trading like a pro – low drawdown, incremental gains, happy days!


We’ll only do it if enough people are interested, so do let us know if you are up for it. It will be a demo trading account with everyone starting at the same amount.


There will be prizes!

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