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067 – The Key to Successful Trading? Don’t Quit!

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Ep. 67 – The Key to Successful Trading? Don’t Quit!

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In this episode:


  • Tom has his most successful trading month to date

  • Owen takes credit for Tom’s success

  • We interview profitable retail trader Roy ‘NorseFX’ Sivertsen

  • Owen tries to take credit for his success as well…

  • Roy explains how he uses automated entries and manual exits in his hybrid trading system

  • Roy tells his story from losing ‘tip follower’ to winning trend follower!


Trader Interview – Roy Sivertsen – NorseFX – The Key to Successful Trading? Don’t Quit!


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Roy has been trading since 2014 and has been through the same journey as many, many people listening to this show. First getting into trading off the back of ‘tips’ and (surprise!) losinga big wedge, he was fortunate to be an observant chap and realised that despite it all, the markets did in fact make patterns.


After a foray into penny shares trading and a brush with holding an unwanted position in an illiquid market, Roy realised that Forex trading was the way forward.


Enter another tip! Turns out that when someone says ‘just sell EURUSD, you can’t lose’, you almost certainly will lose. Of course he sold the bottom and experienced another painful lesson. Sound familiar?


But, Roy is a natural trader it seems, and once he applied the thing between his ears and linked it with what his eyes were showing him, he started to identify patterns in the Forex markets too. He is now sitting pretty after a year of consistent profits. His key to successful trading? Don’t quit!


Don’t Quit


We get a lot of emails asking what it takes to be a successful trader; how did we manage to turn the corner into profit etc. The answer is always the same – don’t quit! It would have been much more embarrasing for us to quit given that loads of people were listening to our failures (and occasional triumphs) on the podcast every week…but it was still hard to keep going at times!


Both Tom and I are now up and running trading and believe ourselves to be capable of making consistent profits, purely by refusing to give up until we made it work.


But we won’t claim to have cracked successful trading until we have put together a much more sustained run!


If you have had a challenging start to your trading career, just listen back to this episode and keep Roy in mind. He had the same difficulties and he lost money in the markets, but he never let go of the dream of being a successful  trader, and sure enough his hard work is now paying off!


Trading Competition


A number of you got in touch to say you would be interested in a trading competition if we ran one. So we will be ploughing ahead, but with a slight twist! You will need to tune in next week to find out more…

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