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069 – Trading Strategy Development with Brannigan Barrett

Ep. 69 – Trading Strategy Development with Brannigan Barrett


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In this episode:


  • Owen buys the Litecoin top! Does his entry mean the crypto party is all over!?

  • Tom has the trade of his life (almost!)

  • Brannigan Barratt spends his days teaching trading strategy development and imparts some of his accumulated wisdom on the Two Blokes

  • He discusses his theory: Development Principles -> Practical Application -> Strategy Development

  • Brannigan believes in Ray Dalio’s ideas of ‘progression, progression, progression’

  • Tom dismisses ‘personal improvement’ as hippy nonsense but Owen loves it!

Trader Interview – Brannigan Barrett from Axia Futures – Trading Strategy Development


Brannigan Barrett is a young prop trader who has built a wealth of experience in a few short years. A triathlete, he takes the maxim ‘no junk miles’ and applies ‘no junk time’ to his trading hours. Always learning, always wanting to improve, he has created and optimised countless trading strategies. Today he talks to the Two Blokes about the mindset and the practical activity he applies to ensure a winning methodology for trading strategy development.


Brannigan has a pretty fixed trading philosophy – he believes that there is no fixed way to trade! He doesn’t believe in rights or wrongs in trading only ‘probabilities’. He also doesn’t believe you need to know everything about trading, just to become an expert at one thing – aim for world class! – and you will be able to trade your way to riches. Being a jack-of-all-trades is not the way to make money in the markets!


Creating Strategies Requires a Creative Touch!


Through his work at Axia Futures, Brannigan does a lot of mentoring of new students. One of the things he is always asked is a) does he have a trading strategy he can show them and b) how do they develop their own trading strategies? It sounds like he is much more in favour of the latter! Give a man a net and he will feed his family for a lifetime…


Creating a trading strategy is not easy. It requires the hardest thing of all: a creative spark. Even if someone hands you a strategy on a plate it is not guaranteed that you will not be able to trade it for profit if you don’t put your own stamp on it. Trading someone else’s system with no personal touch is as bad as trading a ‘tip’. Ideally, create your own strategy by applying the ‘no junk time’ method of learning by doing.

Always Be Learning


Owen agrees with Brannigan, there are a million different ways to trade profitably; you can’t be dogmatic. As they agree, the markets are a moving feast and neither your trading system nor you personally can stand still, or you will find yourself quickly left behind!


Tom doesn’t really go in for the ‘hippy stuff’, but Owen doesn’t mind admitting that he is a big fan of ‘personal improvement’ books. Brannigan recommends ‘Tools of Titans’ by Tim Ferris.


Owen will be reading that, and secretly suspects Tom will have a look too.


Progression! Progression! Progression!

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