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074 – Find and Filter High Reward, Low Risk Trades with The Macro Tourist, Kevin Muir

Ep. 74 – Find and Filter High Reward, Low Risk Trades with The Macro Tourist, Kevin Muir


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In this episode:


  • We report back on our surprisingly lucid memories of the Traders Support Club meetup

  • Kevin Muir talks global macro trading

  • Kevin has a process that he uses to find and filter high reward, low risk opportunities in any market or sector

  • We launch the UK’s first (probably) Crypto Trading Competition!

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We have teamed up with our partner broker XTB to launch what is (we are fairly sure…) the UK’s first Cryptocurrency Trading Competition! It may even be the first crypto trading competition of it’s kind…in the world…maybe…


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That’s our own personal actual money which we will pay directly to you – it is a real prize!


We will be updating each week on the progress of the competition and the winner will be invited on the show to tell us how they dun it! (If you are very shy then I am sure you can decline…but we’re quite friendly!)


Imagine winning the world’s first 30 day crypto trading competition!!


Find out all the rules, details and where to sign up at


Trader Interview – How to Find and Filter High Reward, Low Risk Trading Opportunities with The Macro Tourist, Kevin Muir


Owen has made no secret of his interest in bigger picture, research based trading, and Kevin’s Global Macro approach has got him all excited.


Kevin’s job is effectively to sit around reading anything and everything, formulate a hypothesis, and find a way to ‘express’ that through a position. This is, to Owen at least, the best job ever.


Kevin likes to be early to ideas (such as mining bitcoin when it was the low hundreds of dollars), but he also likes to ‘fade’ the big boys. No respector of hedge funds, he often makes money by betting against them.


Kevin is a humble chap with a sparkling intelligence that makes him a pleasure to listen to. He is also a tremendous writer and we highly recommend that you check out his blog at


His daily macro email is bursting with good ideas, and he clearly holds nothing back. If you want to trade macro or just have an interest in the markets, then The Macro Tourist has to be high on your reading list.


We asked Kevin for his personal reading list, and while the usual suspects are on there, he went one better and gave us his Twitter list! He suggests we all follow these 7 Tweeters to start sparking our own macro trading ideas:


Jesse Felder @jessefelder

Luke Gromen @LukeGromen

The Long View @HayekAndKeynes   (geddit!?)

Lawrence McDonald @Convertbond

Macronomics @Macronomics1

13D Research @WhatILearnedTW

George Pearkes @pearkes


And of course, also follow The Macro Tourist himself: @kevinmuir


Happy trading!

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