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075 – A Mathematical Basis for Intuitive Trading with Andre Minassian

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Ep. 75 – A Mathematical Basis for Intuitive Trading with Andre Minassian

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In this episode:


  • Andre Minassian returns to talk about intuitive trading

  • He has added a mathematical basis to his intuitive formula

  • His ideas can all be found in his new course at

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Trader Interview – A Mathematical Basis for Intuitive Trading with Andre Minassian of


Andre Minassian made a splash here at Two Blokes Trading HQ with his star turn in Episode 52 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast. One of the most talked about episodes in TBT history, his interview was truly unique.


Andre has long believed in trading from an ‘intuitive’ basis, and now he has teamed up with a mathematics prodigy who has created a mathematical algorithm to put rules in place that mimic Andre’s style.


The result is the Intuitive Trading Institute


By combining his intuitive style and a mathematical formula that harnesses and then builds on some of the principles that have served the hedge fund industry for many years, Andre is confident that he has built a uniquely successful trading style.


Andre is so confident in his system he has committed to winning the world trading championships in 2018.


Watch this space!

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