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076 – Technical and Fundamental Crypto Trading Ideas

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Ep. 76 – Technical and Fundamental Crypto Trading Ideas

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In this episode


  • Tom launches our trading algorithm on a live account

  • We prepare for the Cryptocurrency Trading Competition that starts on Saturday 11th November

  • David Cheetham gives us tips on technical trading ideas and his thoughts on how technically driven the crypto market is

  • He also gives a 2 minute rundown on each of the five cryptos that you can trade

  • We discuss where to get your fundamental information for trading bitcoin and altcoin news

XTB Platform Walkthrough Video


If you need some pointers on CFD trading platforms generally, and the XTB platform specifically, then we created a short video to help you out.


Trader Interview – David Cheetham, Chief Market Analyst at XTB – Technical and Fundamental Crypto Trading Background and Ideas


Friend-of-the-show David Cheetham returns to talk about crypto trading ahead of the launch of our Cryptoc Trading Competition on Saturday 11th December.


David is one of the most clued-up Bitcoin and crypto traders out there. He gives us a quick intro to the five cryptocurrencies you can trade in the competition: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash and Litecoin.


Although all five were for a long time closely correlated, in recent weeks Bitcoin has surged higher but the other major cryptos have lagged. David gives his thoughts on why this might be and how it will affect the competition.


We talk about technical trading approaches and fundamental or news trading approaches. David believes that the smaller size of the market actually makes cryptos more technically driven than some more established markets.


From a news perspective, we have covered on this show before how cryptos can be slow to react to news events, and it may be tricky to trade the news over a 30 day competition. However, David still believes it is possible and I am sure many of you will agree!

Bitcoin Fork – 16th November

There is of course one big news event coming up that we cannot ignore!

Coming right after the start of the competition is a fork in Bitcoin. Discussion of this alone could take several podcasts, but listening to what David has to say will give you some foundation knowledge.

It is impossible to truly know what effect the fork will have on the price of Bitcoin, but what David is certain of is that it represents an opportunity.

You can’t trade without volatility and if you can get on the correct side of this, then maybe the fork will see some nice, trade-able moves!

Crypto Trading Competition – Saturday 11th November – Sign Up Now

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  • No leverage

  • 30 days from 11th November

  • Highest Return on Investment wins

  • £1000 real cash prize to the winner!

This is a risk free way to explore trading cryptos and maybe win yourself some cashmonies and a bit of kudos!

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