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083: Knowledge Bombs from 2017 ALL Traders MUST Learn From

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Ep 83:  Knowledge Bombs from 2017 All Traders Must Learn From

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In this Episode:


  • Tom gets all emotional and motivational over breaking his VLOG cherry (SPOILER ALERT, Tom gets all defensive and cries a little bit)
  • Owen is back, if only in spirit, for a few more ribbings from the Blokes……again
  • Brandon calls out Owen about long train rides (it’s just outright low!)
  • Tom and Brandon break down their top trader interviews that inspired them this year
  • And Brandon admits to having a man crush…..but you will have to listen to find out who it is


Trader interview:  Tom and Brandon (the Two Blokes) – The Best Trader Knowledge Bombs of 2017


We take a slightly different approach in this episode.  Tom and Brandon Go back into the 2017 archives and pick out what they feel were the best takeaways from a year filled with amazing interviews, big surprises, and holiday cheer.


Tom wheels a clip from Siam Kidd about the two forms of idiot and how not to be one.  He also touches on doing proper research before having an opinion.  


Back Test, Back Test, Back Test!  Tom revisits Ali Crooks and the lessons that helped him become the expert back tester that he is today.


Brandon Brings in Samuel Leech talking about how people aren’t willing to do the work that it takes to be successful and how most people screw with their trading system to their detriment.


If you can’t get excited or have passion about trading then go find something that will do that for you.  You deserve to have fulfilment in whatever you do so go find it!


Akil Stokes is back talking about the idea of the triangle of Belief, Actions, Results!  This one is a great lesson and is worth going back to episode 37 for the full breakdown.


Brandon once again throws a cheeky jab at Owen when he’s not here to defend himself (it’s all luv though).  Exchanging time for money and spending your life on a train to London.  


Brandon brings back Jarratt Davis and talks about how you don’t need a lot of money to become a massive success trading Forex.  You just need to be willing to take baby steps over the long run while focusing on the correct things in your trading.  


Brandon admits to having a man crush on Jarratt Davis.  It’s probably because they are the only 2 people in the universe that care about fundamental trading.

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