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084 – Motivation in Trading and the Meaning of… Life…

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Ep. Motivation in Trading and the Meaning of… Life…

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In this Episode:

  • Happy New Year to all the Two Bloke family!
  • Tom and Brandon go over their New Year’s resolutions.
  • Motivation, Motivation, Motivation……..
  • Tom explains all the facts and figures about the success of Two Blokes Podcast.
  • We chat about some cool new things in the pipeline for 2018.


Trader interview:  Tom and Brandon’s New Year’s Resolutions and Motivations for 2018


We take a bit of a detour from interviewing guests to explore our hidden (well not anymore) motivations for the upcoming year 2018.  It’s sure to be an excellent year at the Two Blokes Headquarters.  


New Stuff for 2018:


  • Questions Corner – You have questions, we have answers (or we will find someone who does!)  Email your questions in at
  • Sharing is caring…..Brandon want to get more personal by sharing my idiocies from his life.
  • Perhaps a Two Blokes Trading Book!?!?
  • More trading competitions.


Brandon’s New Year’s Resolutions:


  • Focus!  2 things:  1) focus on making great content for Two Blokes and the other project which will be revealed at a later date and 2) Focus more on what he knows works well for him in trading Forex.
  • Lose that lingering 20 pounds (already 5 pounds down at the time of this writing 😉


Tom`s New Year`s Resolutions:


  • Phys Phys Phys….. Tom is going to focus more on work outs because they make him better in all areas of life…..and a better Bloke!
  • Tom wants to get his algo out to the market.  It`s proving to be a bit of a money maker so far.
  • Be more open minded to new opportunities.




  • Brandon Shares his Led or Gold commitment story and vows to only go for gold or not even try.
  • Tom explains why like courage, motivation is finite.
  • Find an accountability partner!
  • Do you REALLY really really really want it?
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