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085 – 16 Hour Work Days; Journey of a Prop Trader

16 Hour Work Days; A Journey of a Prop Trader
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Ep. 85 – 16 Hour Work Days; Journey of a Prop Trader

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In this Episode:

  • Brandon discovers a new meaning for Blue Balls.
  • Tom has a near death experience at 2am on New Year’s.
  • Brandon discusses how to tune back into the market after time away from trading.
  • Tom proves to be a crypto trading god with his stolen advice nearly tripling his investment.
  • Brandon is comforted by Tom’s soothing words after his first trade of the year is a break even one.
  • An excellent interview with a TBT fan turned prop trader.
  • Tom takes all the credit for our interviewee’s success!


Trader interview:  16 Hour Work Days; A Journey of a Prop Trader with Lukas Havlic


The Two Blokes get back into the New Year with an inspiring interview from really likable chap named Lukas Havlic.  


Lukas has been a raving fan of TBT from the beginning.  He now comes on the podcast to share his journey of how he went from a retail sales manager to a retail trader (surprise, he actually made some cash on a hot tip!) to now spending 16-18 hours of his day trading at an Australian prop firm based out of Sydney.  


Lukas takes time out of his busy day and chats with us from the prop trading office while he eagerly awaits Non-Farm payrolls to hit the wires and fire up the action.  If you listen carefully you can hear audio squawks and grinding teeth of traders making fortunes.


Lukas describes in depth his motivations to break out of the retail world and into the exciting and mysterious world of prop trading.


Listen in on the exact steps he took to get his shot at the big time.  May it be known that anyone can do it if they are willing to put in the hard work.


It seems there are no shortcuts (sorry to burst your bubble). Lukas describes how he regularly works a 16 hour days and does it with a smile on his face.


Passion drives Lukas to push through long days because he loves what he does.


Listen in to get all the details on how you can become a prop trader too….

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