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087 – Surround Yourself With Traders For Success – Etienne Crete

Ep. 87 – Surround Yourself With Traders For Success – Etienne Crete


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In this episode:

  • Our Guest Etienne Crete explains why surrounding yourself with successful traders means you’re more likely to become profitable yourself
  • Brendan gets itchy feet…
  • Tom presents the conclusion of his crypto trading broker review


Trader Interview – Etienne Crete – Surround Yourself With Traders for Success

Our guest this week Etienne from (also the host of the desire to trade podcast) provides valuable insights into a whole bunch of topics which includes:
  • Success breeds success; the importance of surrounding yourself with successful traders in order to breed success in your own trading
  • Creating solid trading habits; we addressed one of the hardest things that a trader needs to become proficient in which is identifying and developing the habits needed to ensure success
  • Treating trading like a business; a lot of us are guilty of it getting into trading for the wrong reasons (seeing the amazing returns/life styles that could be possible) and we forget the hard work that’s required in between in order to get there! So treating trading like a business will allow us to focus our efforts which in turn increases our likelihood of achieving profitability
  • Travelling the world while trading; during this portion of the interview the two blokes turn ever so slightly green with envy as Etienne explains how he’s turned his passion for trading and travelling into a reality

Crypto trading broker review 2018

Tom spent the whole of last week researching and analysing the offerings open to us Traders who want to get stuck into crypto trading space. It’s important to note that as with anything relating to cryptocurrencies it can change with the drop of the hat and often does  sometimes two or three times a week so please note the data of this research was accurate at the time of writing 🙂 .
There are around 4 – 5 good brokers that are now offering cryptocurrencies however each have their pros and cons go to this link to find out more.
Call us biased if you like however XTB performed extremely well during the research and it’s still are recommended crypto trading broker you can sign up for an account here.


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