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094 – Trading The Gap With David Frost

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Ep. 94 – Trading The Gap With David Frost

This week:

  • David Frost from The Lazy Gap Trader joins us for an interview where he hits us with all things gap trading.
  • Tom has an exciting new announcement with some goodies for our listeners.
  • Brandon demystifies one of the biggest economic data sets every month, Non-Farm Payrolls.
  • And for those of you interested, Tom has sorted out his frozen pipes and hot water issues.


Tom Joins The Ranks Of Tier One Trading

The Team over at Tier One Trading are that confident that their product is quality that they have invited Tom to take a peek under the bonnet and provide an independent review! Oh and the whole TBT Community can join too!


Trader interview with David Frost: 

This episode welcomes David Frost, otherwise known as the hardest working Lazy Gap Trader there is, joins us to talk about all things gap trading on the U.S. Equities markets.

David has been professional trader for over 2 decades so he’s no slouch.  He also worked on Wall Street for over 20 years so he knows the behind the scenes of institutional trading and management.

You can learn more about who Dave is and where he came from at


Main Topics Discussed:

Dave takes us on a tour of all things gap trading by breaking down:


  • What is a gap?
  • Why does the gap happen?
  • Are there different kinds of gaps?
  • How long does a gap trade typically last for?
  • What asset classes do gap happen on?
  • Why does gap trading work?
  • What is your daily process and are there some key steps to finding quality gapping stocks?
  • What kind of tools do you use to help with gap trades?
  • What does money management look like for gap trading stocks?
  • What are some hard and fast rules that you have for gap trading?
  • Winning the wrong way….


Thanks again to David Frost from and for taking to time to enlighten the Two Blokes.  He’s also the Lazy E-mini trader at


If you are interested Dave has a free report on his home page that can help get you up and running when it comes to Gap Trading.



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