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095 – No BS, Order Flow and Volume Mastery With John Grady

No BS Trader

Episode 095:  No BS, Order Flow and Volume Mastery


This week on episode 95 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast:

  • John Grady from No BS Day Trading joins for a no BS discussion on order flow and volume.
  • Brandon apparently is too important to show up for the interview.
  • Tom extends his man crush to a whole organisation.
  • Brandon relives the moment he lost 10 off his life.


Guys, if you want to check out what was happening around Brandon on May 6, 2010 from the infamous flash crash you need to check out this YouTube video.  It really starts heating up about 2 minutes in.  He was listening to this while trading in the heat of the moment and holding an uncomfortable amount of shares he could not get rid of.  One of the craziest moments of his life.


Trader interview with John Grady: 

John Grady got his first taste of the high life as a 12 year old after meeting a 35 year old stock broker that seemingly had it all.  Fast forward a few years and John worked at a Chicago based futures trading prop firm


The best way to learn more about John Grady and how he got into this game is to check out his story here and you can learn more about the core foundation of No BS Day Trading at

Main Topics Discussed:

John takes us on a tour of order flow and the differences between stocks and Forex:


  • Level II and Depth of Market (DOM) demystified.
  • Mistaking luck for skill might be just the right place right time.
  • Why you are at a disadvantage when you can’t see bids and offers in Forex trading.
  • Where orders will hold a market versus when they will not.
  • Why the interbank market has a competitive advantage over retail traders.
  • Breaking down the 2010 Flash Crash in U.S. equities markets.
  • The Etherium flash crash of 2017.
  • The huge cost of trading Crypto currencies.
  • Trading 101: Developing a general trading methodology based on good decision making process.
  • Trading is all about eliminating mistakes.
  • Using small logical stop losses to stay out of trouble.
  • Your guts will tell you when you are doing something wrong.


Thanks again to John Grady for hanging out with us.  If you want to learn more about John and what he does the best place to find him is at there are lots of helpful free videos and articles to get you started.

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