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097 – ESMA, Regulations, Cryptomania and Ryan Gosling

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Ep. 97 - ESMA, Regulations, Cryptomania and Ryan Gosling

This week on episode 97 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast:

  • Charlotte Day and Niki Nikolaou from join us for a chat about new ESMA rules and the ramifications for brokers and retail traders.
  • Fire causing sleepless nights, Tom’s house burns to the ground.
  • Brandon giggles a lot.


Interview:  Charlotte Day and Niki Nikolaou: 

Charlotte and Niki are expats living the dream in Cypress.  They run Content Works which is an content marketing and social media company specializing in helping Forex brokers, Crypto’s and ICO’s get their messages out to the world in a way that engages people with exciting and interactive content.


These ladies are uniquely positioned to have an inside beat on what is happening within the Forex and Crypto space that is affecting a lot of retail traders and the brokers that service them right now.  Check out their bios to see these how boss ladies know what they are talking about.


Check out Charlotte’s bio here:

Check Niki’s bio here:


Main Topics Discussed:

These Ladies take us on a tour of order flow and the differences between stocks and Forex:


  • How 2018 has been hell for Forex brokers!
  • How Mifid 2 has affected Forex brokers. There is a lot!
  • Brokers are now responsible for their partners and affiliates.
  • Tom gets on his soap box numerous times!
  • Forex broker bans, Crypto bans, ICO bans…..
  • How and Why Google, Twitter, the FaceBook, and now Snap Chat blocking Crypto and Binary.
  • Social media sites are probably going to launch their own tokens in 2018.
  • Brokers need certification from Google to put up ads on Google.
  • How the new ESMA regulations is going to affect brokers.
  • Massive rule changes for retail traders….sorry, your leverage is going wayyy down.
  • There is a new paradigm shift taking place within Forex.
  • Some ICO’s are great and others are complete scams.
  • The journey of a retail trader from fear and greed to blowing up your first account.
  • 89% of retail traders lose between 1,600 and 29,000 Euros!
  • Brandon goes to a dark place (again).
  • Is education the best path to make retail traders trade better?
  • There was literally way too much content to list, have a listen and learn!


Where can you learn more about what Charlotte and Niki do?


The Twitter:  @_contentworks

The FaceBook:

Google +:




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