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100 – U.S. Dollar Master Class with Victoria Scholar

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Ep. 100 – U.S. Dollar Master Class with Victoria Scholar


This week on episode 100 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast:

  • Victoria Scholar, Finance News Presenter at IG, joins us for an excellent chat all about the U.S. Dollar and why it’s important to us retail traders.
  • Brandon makes a commitment.
  • Tom drills down to the root of it!


Guest Interview: 


Victoria Scholar’s resume is befitting to her last name with financial production and journalist experience at some of the heaviest hitters in the business.  We are talking Bloomberg, CNBC, Nomura, CNN, BBC, and now with her current role at IG TV.

Check out a recent video below with Victoria in action.  We were very fortunate to have he on the podcast.



Main Topics Discussed:

  • We get to know Victoria and all her extensive experience in the financial markets.
  • Her transition from trader to producer to broadcast journalism.
  • Remembering to blink!
  • Dealing with high pressure and adrenalin crashes.
  • Why the U.S. dollar is soooo important.
  • Cross border transactions and trading currency in pairs.
  • Global reserves.
  • Having a two way view in your currency trading.
  • Equity volatility doesn’t necessarily equate to FX volatility.
  • What actually moves the U.S. Dollar?
  • Interest rates differentials drives price discovery.
  • Capital flows – Trade and Investment into and out of economies.
  • Safe haven flows.
  • How you would historically expect the U.S. Dollar to perform is not what we are seeing currently.
  • Interest rate differentials are shrinking causing historical correlations to break down.
  • The Donald Trump effect.
  • Risk off and Risk on.
  • Trading Donald Trump and oil.
  • The correlation between oil and the U.S. Dollar…Petro Dollar.
  • Trade Wars and the emergence to the Chinese Yuan.
  • Why trade deficits are not necessarily bad.
  • Trading Donald Trump’s tweets.
  • Importing and overconsumption within an economy.


Where can you learn more about Victoria?

Twitter:  @Victoria_IG or

Instagram:  FinancialVictoria or



IG Specific Links:

Watch Victoria in action on IG TV:

IG News and Analysis:



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