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106 – Two Blokes Trading Evolves

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106 – Two Blokes Trading Evolves


This week on episode 106 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast:

  • Women love them, men want to be them….the 3 Blokes reunite for one last union.
  • A major Two Blokes bombshell is dropped.
  • And we have Tom….the NEW Tom for an interview about why he is the right Bloke to pick up where the bombshell has left off.


Guest Interview with Tom McGovern of


Tom (the new Tom) is a Senior Market Analyst & Supervisor at


Bizintra is one of the world’s most sought-after destinations in financial education.  Bizintra’s trading education & strategies have been meticulously developed & are delivered live by their high profile industry experts from leading institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America & Morgan Stanley to bring to market some of the highest success rates this industry has seen.  Their ethos is based on transparency, providing new & existing traders a platform for success.


Main Topics Discussed:

….Tom…. oh and the future of Two Blokes Trading.


Where is Brandon?

You can reach out to Brandon on his website.  Make sure to get in touch and let him know if you think he should keep up his adventures on the internet or continue to silo himself in his basement trading Forex all by his lonesome.


Where will you find Owen?

Gallivanting the streets of the busy London Tech scene.  He is launching a new recruiting business that has long been his passion.  If you need recruiting services or you are a wicked awesome London Techy reach out to him on his website.


What about Tom (the original Bloke)?

You can’t find him…..he is disappearing from the internet FOREVER (audible evil laughing)



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