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109: Non-Farm Payroll Pizza Party

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This week on episode 109 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast:

  • Tom kicks off the podcast with a Non-Farm Payroll Pizza Party with old trading buddy Gareth, where he goes through the way he approaches trading around NFP and why he might avoid it sometimes.
  • Gareth goes into how he aims to take advantage of the volatility around the event and Tom puts a hasty gold trade on prior to NFP and watches it … do very little.
  • As the gold trade develops, the discussion turns to Trump Baby Blimp, his Belgian roots and the Russian March towards World Cup Glory.


Non-Farm Payroll Pizza Party

Non-Farm Payroll is a trading event on the first Friday of every month that measures the labour market in the US and Tom brings old friend Gareth Redmond, back onto the podcast to discuss what it’s like to trade around it. The volatility makes it primed for many traders to make their month or lose their shirt if they’re not careful and pizza is ordered to make it a less intimidating affair. Tom puts on a gold trade that doesn’t quite go as wild as he was expecting, so the conversation moves from trading strategy to World Cup gossip.


Main Topics Discussed:

  • Tom starts the Pizza party with a gold trade provided by prior guest Nick Leeson
  • What is NFP and why bother trade it?
  • Catching spikes manually proves hard work, so orders are crucial to the strategy
  • Around NFP, speculators are gonna’ speculate!
  • Don’t forget about those trade tariffs….
  • We get into Trump’s 4th of July meat sweats & his Blimp Baby should make for quite a sight on the streets of London!
  • Tom considers himself a Belgian of some kind, and the lack of passing between the Flemish and Walloon players
  • Tom talks about his romantic holiday being interrupted by UFC 226
  • How the podcast nearly became Two Blokes, One Trade
  • Tom’s trade goes nowhere and he wraps it up leaving everyone in complete suspense


Two Blokes Sponsor

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