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111. Trading Signals / Education … or Both? with Jason Sen

 This week on Episode 111 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast:

  • Tom welcomes Jason Sen onto the podcast. Jason is a chart analyst that has developed a signal service used by some of the world’s largest banks.
  • Jason shares his background that has brought him around the world from the UK, to Spain to Gibraltar and then finally landing in Thailand.
  • Tom and Jason discuss the trials and tribulations of learning to trade, the growth of retail trading and signal providers and the way to approach your development as a trader.


Guest Interview with Jason Sen

Tom welcomes Jason Sen to the podcast for episode 111. Jason is the founder of Day Trade Ideas, a signal service that he says has found a place for retail traders, institutions and scalpers alike. Jason started his career in the pits at LIFFE in 1987 and has gone on to become one of the top provider of technical analysis to the UK’s professional day trading arcades.



Main Topics Discussed:

  • Tom quickly learns that Jason does not trade NFP
  • Jason says he hadn’t even done his A-Levels before sending his cv’s to the big banks
  • Sink or swim on the trading floor at 18 years old
  • “I know who punched that guy in Thailand” – Jason
  • Jason went to Gibraltar, stopped trading options, tried broking before finding the life he wanted.
  • The big difference between options and futures trading
  • Education is king, most people don’t have 20/30k to learn from losing
  • “When you start  losing money, You tie yourself up in knots at night, you get in a blind panic, you can’t sleep, it’s absolute torture!!”. – Jason
  • Demo accounts vs Real Accounts??
  • 2/3 pips x 100 each day or 50/60 pips x 2 each day
  • Signals for banks, signals for the retail trader, signals for scalpers
  • Moving to Phuket and the perks of the lifestyle. No more 4am starts!!
  • Happily ever after!


Two Blokes Sponsor

Today’s episode is sponsored by Bizintra Financial Academy. Bizintra offers sponsored trading programmes that have been developed by professional traders. Don’t pay a fortune to learn how to trade. Simply sign up by using one of their partner brokers and receive trading education and signals by institutional traders.



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