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114. Looking to the Future with Philip Hennigan

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This week on episode 114 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast:

  • Tom welcomes all around gent and new podcast host Philip Hennigan to the podcast.
  • Philip is a fundamental trader that has been guided under the tutelage of the likes of Anton Kreil and Jason McDonald.
  • Philip discusses the challenges of learning how to trade and the value of patience while learning how to manage money efficiently.


Guest Interview with Philip Hennigan

Philip Hennigan will be taking over the reigns of the Two Blokes Podcast. As an all around gent and experienced mentor and trading educator, Philip has the perfect background to continue to take the Two Blokes audience into the heads of expert analysts and traders.


Main Topics Discussed:

  • Stockbroking is the highest level of sales
  • Trading is all about building a portfolio
  • Invest in the right educational courses
  • Philip has learned under the guidance of Anton Kreil and Jason McDonald
  • “Event-driven, equity long-short portfolio management” – Philip
  • At one point, Philip was forced to pitch for his own money
  • The CFA Program
  • Learning vs Earning
  • “The Fear of Taking Profit is a real thing”
  • Levering up!
  • Measuring volatility instead of measuring pips
  • Looking for leading indicators
  • High highs, low lows…. Or €5k a month


Two Blokes Sponsors

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