3 Best ICO Comparison Sites 2018


3 Best ICO Comparison Sites 2018

“Be first, be smarter or cheat.” So goes the advice of Jeremy Irons’ Machiavellian bank CEO in classic trading movie Margin Call. Unfortunately for cryptocurrency investors, too many Coin ‘founders’ have used the last of the three as their preferred route to a quick buck. The result is that as investors we need to be smarter, and if you truly want to earn a few quid, then it wouldn’t hurt to be first. The best way to be the first two and avoid the latter is to use a couple of trusty ICO comparison sites.


Be First

One of the best ways to be first is to invest in an ICO. As we have all seen in recent months there really was a top limit to Bitcoin, at least for now. Those poor souls who were last to the party and bought in at anywhere near $20,000 are currently sat on a ~50% loss. Those who panic sold at the bottom having panic bought at the top will be nursing even bigger losses. But anyone who bought Bitcoin (or Ethereum, or Litecoin, Ripple, Dash etc) at anywhere near the beginning would have been sat on big fat gains. Even if they still hadn’t sold they’d be many times richer than they were to start with.


So the obvious question is – how do you get a piece of that early investor action?  And the answer is: through an ICO (otherwise known as an ‘Initial Coin Offering’). The sites in this list will help you get ahead of the game, listing all the hot ICOs and even many ‘Pre ICOs’.


(Bonus tip – if you really love this stuff, and really want to be first, then most ICOs are announced on the Bitcointalk Forum)


Be Smarter

Spotting an opportunity early is a tried and tested way of reaping serious ROI. But equally important is spotting the right opportunity. Getting in early on an ICO that locks your money in and then collapses won’t do you any favours. The sites on this list grade ICOs or at least only consider ICOs on which they have done a certain amount of due diligence. ICO investing is a perilous game, and you simply have to do your own research before you invest, but using the wisdom of others to filter out some of the truly terrible ideas can only be a good thing.


Don’t Get Cheated

There are many quick ways to lose your money when investing in cryptocurrencies, but the quickest probably has to be investing in a scam ICO. These will usually take the form of an ICO fundraising for a non existent project followed by a swift disappearing act by the founders to spend their new and famously anonymous Bitcoin or Ethereum. The sites on this list will help you avoid the worst scams, but always be vigilant as there are some very smart and very sneaky people operating in the ICO world. Before investing in any ICO be sure to read this excellent Tech Crunch article about how to spot a scam ICO.





Probably the most established ICO comparison site. With a full list of all upcoming and current ICOs that they deem “worth following and investing”. This ‘curated’ style means you are getting a select list rather than a full list. While they filter out a lot of the chaff, they may also filter out some of the wheat. If a coin makes it onto Coinschedule you can probably take that as a good first step in the scam ‘sniff test’. But if your preferred coin isn’t on there then don’t immediately assume the worst – always make up your own mind.





ICO Stats offers a selection of data comparison tools that enables an investor to compare comparable performance of recent ICOs. Not a site that will get you in early to a Pre-ICO, but certainly a site that will help you find those coins that are already rocketing. Helpful tools that enable you to compare performance vs Ethereum or Bitcoin make sense, as ultimately it is those coins you will be giving away to buy into the ICO.





A bit more in-depth than the other two, the purpose of ICO Rating is to operate like a ratings agency would for normal investments, but for the cryptocurrency world. A self-proclaimed team of experts, they seek to give ratings on the safety and investment potential of ICOs. Whether or not you agree with their overall ratings or believe any claims of independence is up to you. Nevertheless, the data they have gathered about many different ICOs will prove useful to potential investors.


Dyor dyor dyor hodor


There are numerous other ICO comparison sites out there, but we have chosen these three as they each offer something slightly different. As always (and we can’t say it enough) please DYOR (that’s Do Your Own Research if you haven’t worked it out yet). You must dyor on any and all investments you make, but particularly in the world of ICOs. If you don’t dyor, it is because you are being lazy. Not smart, just lazy.


The numbers show that there is plenty of money to be made (and lost) here. If you intend to invest in ICOs then we wish you good luck.

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