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The 5 Best Trading Blogs of 2018


The 5 Best Trading Blogs of 2018


Most people know Two Blokes Trading for our trading podcast but we also like to keep our fingers flexed and produce a weekly trading blog. We try and keep it light hearted but with “quality content” (as all the cool kids are calling it) as paramount.


None of us learn in a vacuum, and we are both constantly upgrading our trading chops by reading other blogs from around the internet.


In no particular order, here are five of our favourite trading blogs right now.



Kevin Muir, author of the Macro Tourist trading blog was a recent guest on the Two Blokes Trading Podcast. As well as having a pleasingly dry sense of humour, Kevin is also quite clearly fiercely intelligent and very well informed. Pretty much the three things you want in a trading blogger then.


Quite how he manages to produce the daily Macro Tourist blog as well as have time to do all his research and trade a global macro style is beyond me. Despite this the blog comes out daily, rarely missing a beat, and the content is almost always total gold.



If you want to learn how to trade options, then you should be reading this blog. And by blog I mean blog, podcast and video series. If you decide to get into options and do some research it will be basically impossible to avoid this site!


There is a completely free beginners video course that should get you totally up to speed with basic options trading strategies and loads of other cool free stuff. It’s kind of mega really.



Tradeciety has a lot in common with Two Blokes Trading. Run by two mates who trade and blog about it in their spare time. Rolf and Moritz update their blog almost daily, always with an educational topic. With the amount of free stuff they give away, it is remarkable that they manage to sell any of their courses at all! But, judging by the pics of them trading in far flung holiday destinations all round the year, they are clearly doing something right!



Peter Brand has been in the trading game since 1976. He is the polar opposite of the ‘insta-trader’ with their rented Lamborghini and Airbnb villa pretending to be the big-man on social media. This is sober, solid stuff. Just following him on Twitter makes it feel like you have a wise uncle looking over your shoulder helping you trade.


Peter’s second published book “Diary of a Professional Commodities Trader” debuted in 2011 and made him a recognisable name in trading circles. His trading blog is more of the same – solid, educational trading writing.



The big daddy of macro blogs. This slightly left-field blog has Tyler Durden (i.e. Brad from Fight Club) as the ‘house’ author and a number of other contributors; some anonymous, others not. It  has a reputation for being a wee bit negative but they seem to cover everything, and cover it quickly.


They read anything worth reading, and produce both news (with opinion) and straight opinion pieces that keep you up to date. If you read every article that appears on this site you won’t miss a big macro story!

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