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5 Ways to Become ‘Zen’ While Trading – Mercedes Van Essen

mercedes van essen interview

5 Ways to Become ‘Zen’ While Trading – Mercedes Van Essen

In this Episode:

  • This week on episode 91 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast:
  • Brandon questions everything about his trading and why he is alive.
  • There is a “Fundamental” Shift with the launching of a series of informative fundamentals blog posts.
  • Mercedes Van Essen from is here to make us all Zen and enlighten us about some deep financial Buddhisms we never thought of before.
  • And we get a quick update on Yield Coin

Trader interview: 

Today Mercedes Van Essen from is here to take us on a slightly different journey than we are used to on the podcast.

We crack into everything from Buddhism in your trading, transcendental meditation, how your brain works, to Feng Shui.  Lots of really interesting thought provoking concepts today folks!

Main Topics:

  • Understanding the Universal Law.
  • Learning about yourself in depth, what triggers you in both a positive and negative way?
  • Learning about what drives market cycles and capital flows.
  • Learning about new age brain science and how environmental factors impact your brain and general performance.
  • Learning transformational meditation.

Mercedes has been a success coach and trading psychology coach since 1995 and has worked mainly with professional traders, investors and entrepreneurs across America and Europe.  Her aim is to help these traders to improve their trading, careers, relationships and lead more fulfilled lives.  She uses intuitive Feng Shui working with earth energies while coaching.



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