Too many Retail traders think that technical analysis alone will save them from

being in the majority of traders who lose money. Unfortunately this is not the

case, Mike and Rory uncover the importance of understanding how interest rates

impact Forex, equities, indices, fixed income and all other markets.

Understand interest rates, interest rate differentials and carry trades can automatically

by default give a bias to a certain FX fair, at least in the mid to long term.

Mike explains in the podcast how helps build a strong foundation for growing a

trade idea into an actionable idea.

Rory shares his thoughts on how interest rates impact individual equites from

understanding how companies use debt to leverage themselves to more exposure to

understanding how debt to cash ratios which are too high can negatively impact

the business in a high interest rate environment.

The blokes look at both scenarios of the positives and negatives of higher interest

rates for fixed income and the raging market that is currently taking place

across bonds.

To understand more how interest rate changes impact different asset classes, make

sure to join the app for free today and join Mike, Rory and thousands of other

members sharing their opinions on financial markets.

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