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Two Blokes Learn to Trade Online

 What is Two Blokes Trading?



Ex Army Officer, Ron Zacapa rum enthusiast, technical algo trader, cryptocurrency noob, recovering system chaser.

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Full time trader since 2006, Forex fundamentals and sentiment trader, closet vegetarian, allergies include technical indicators, suits, and getting rich quick.


Two Blokes Trading is a fun and informative podcast and website for new and experienced online traders. It follows us, Tom and Owen, as we learn to trade profitably and consistently. We want to be a one-stop-shop for your Retail Trader needs.

We interview leading traders and trading industry insiders every week on the Podcast to give our listeners the best chance of becoming profitable traders.

We review books, brokers, training courses and trading tools on our website and Podcast to help you make money and then protect it. Importantly, we also tell you what you should avoid!

Every week thousands of people listen to the Two Blokes Trading podcast and join me and Tom on our journey to profitability Nirvana!

Subscribe to the Podcast for a new episode every Monday and listen to some stonking chat on Forex, Spread Betting and all things Online Trading.

What Resources Do You Provide?

  • Interviews with successful traders
  • Trading videos and webinars
  • An awesome trading community on Facebook
  • Trading broker reviews
  • Trading book reviews
  • Trading tools reviews
  • Trader Training course reviews

And, of course, a fun and informative weekly podcast, every Monday!

Why Does TBT Exist?

We are told that 95% of online traders lose money. But we believe that most of these losing traders quit before they give themselves a chance of success!

Our mission here at Two Blokes Trading is to help turn Losing Traders into Winning Traders by giving them access to the best traders on Planet Earth and shining a torchlight on the inner workings of the trading industry.

We set up Two Blokes Trading to record our journey learning to trade online and to share the information and lessons learned with traders around the world.

Are You Experts?

Not yet! We have been doing this since June 2016 and have a learned a lot in that time. But we are not yet expert traders and are very quick to admit this.

The idea is that we learn to trade and document that process, have some interesting chats along the way and interview some great, knowledgeable people from the industry.

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