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5 Best Bitcoin Podcasts 2018


5 Best Bitcoin Podcasts 2018


Here at Two Blokes Trading we love podcasts. Obviously we love trading podcasts (we have one!), but we are interested in subjects. And one subject that is certainly interesting is Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We assume our audience are also curious and enquiring people, so we thought we would collate the 5 Best Bitcoin Podcasts of 2018.


In no particular order:


The Bitcoin Podcast


Does what it says on the tin. And a lot more. One of the original and best Bitcoin podcasts. With a regular set of hosts plus guest interviews, fans of Two Blokes Trading will be familiar with the format. The hosts are pretty mellow and it’s a chilled and accessible show. Possibly a little long for our tastes, sometimes even pushing over 100 minutes.


The Bitcoin Podcast has racked up over 140 episodes and has established itself as a big daddy of bitcoin and crypto podcasts. It is ‘powered by’ The Coin Telegraph (a crypto news website) and it has now morphed into a network of related media and other podcasts. There is a wealth of info here, but be warned: it does hit the technical side of things.


Let’s Talk Bitcoin


Another bitcoin podcast that has become a network of related media. Let’s Talk Bitcoin has created its own publishing platform and even it’s own crypto coin… At the time of writing the show is on an impressive 341 episodes and counting. Some gentle humour and a little more energetic than The Bitcoin Podcast. Founded by Adam B. Levine there now appears to be 3 main hosts. All three hosts are clear and interesting communicators with an undoubted depth of knowledge of their subject matter.


Bitcoin Uncensored / DeRose Uncensored


Bitcoin Uncensored was, until very recently, a controversial, sweary and entertaining podcast that took aim at some sections of the bitcoin, crypto and blockchain communities and hit rapid fire. Fun to listen to and part of the ‘raw and unedited’ longform podcast movement, it was probably the best bitcoin podcast around from an entertainment point of view and it had a lot of fans.


Unfortunately, following an apparently acrimonious split between the two ‘best friends’ and hosts (Chris DeRose and Joshua ‘Junseth’ Unseth), the show kind of died out. But, Chris is back and is apparently launching a new, similar podcast, ‘DeRose Uncensored’. I’ll be keeping an eye out for that!


The Bad Crypto Podcast


New kids on the podcasting block, Travis Wright and Joel Comm have created a frankly ridiculous but amusing podcast. A true double act, they genuinely beatboxed about Bitcoin on the latest episode. It was terrible. But, as a Futurist and a Technologist, they are bright blokes and worth listening to – it’s not all just #bantz.


On the other hand they admit that they don’t actually know anything and are learning as they are going on. Which basically means they nicked our idea. Except they’ve probably never heard of us, but whatever.


If, like us, you believe podcasts should be informative but not exactly take themselves mega-seriously, then these boys are for you.


Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast


One for the intellectuals. Trace Mayer is a smart chap who interviews smart chaps and chapesses. Topics covered vere from the technical to business functions to investment. If you are interested in seeing how blockchain is being implemented in the real world by innovators and entrepreneurs, then this show does a good job of keeping you up to date.


That’s it!


This is an embryonic arena, but there are plenty of Bitcoin podcasts beginning to surface plus a few established stalwarts. Podcasts are a great way to find out about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the five podcasts listed above are a good place to start.


We hope you enjoy listening to these podcasts; don’t forget to also subscribe to the Two Blokes Trading podcast for your weekly dose of trading chat every Monday at 3pm!

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