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5 Best Trading Websites 2018


Best Trading Websites 2017


2017 has seen the arrival of some great new trading websites. We’ve enjoyed reading some of the new kids on the block, and of course dipping into old staples. For traders out there who are wondering exactly where to start with their online trading reading, we have put together our list of the 5 Best Trading Websites in 2017!


We’ve tried to be a little off-piste with some of these, rather than just tell you about websites you may already know. But, if you are totally new to this trading lark, there are some staples here that you really must check out.


Of course the best trading website is Two Blokes Trading! But, you are already here, so you already know that. 😉 Of course, in the natural and likely event that you have read every word on our site several times over and are craving extra quality trading goodness, then let us point you towards the following:


1 - Trader Life.

A 2017 debutant, Trader Life is an online lifestyle magazine for all types of traders. The chaps at Trader Life seem to have a knack for producing original content that will interest anyone with the trader mindset. From the satisfyingly voyeuristic - ‘Traders Homes we Wish we Owned’ - and pleasingly daft - ‘Traders Ranked Second in List of Most Feared Professions’ - to the genuinely useful - ‘Business and Trading Advice you Shouldn’t Listen to’, Trader Life is a compelling read for those who wish to “live life off the charts”.


2 - Forex Live. If you trade the news or follow a ‘fundamentals and sentiment’ based approach to your Forex trading, then you simply have to read Forex Live. With a cabal of knowledgeable traders writing real-time analysis before, during, and after major (and minor!) news events, Forex Live has been Owen’s trusted companion through many nail-biting trades.


3 - Trading View - This site offers free charting that rivals most paid services (plus extra features for a very reasonably priced ‘Pro’ package). The charts added to the ‘Ideas’ shared by some superb traders like Akil Stokes, make Trading View one of our daily compulsory site visits. Owen has signed up to the pro-account as he use it for any super-advanced charting or historic data that his broker isn’t quite set up to handle. (nb XTB have one of the best charting packages around, but a sometimes you just need the extra data from a focused charting provider.)


4 - Baby Pips. If you want to learn to trade, and like reading, then there is nothing quite like Baby Pips. Going through their US school-grade themed programme has become something of a right-of-passage for new traders. If you are brand new and want to know where to start, there isn’t anywhere better. They also have an active traders forum for all traders, that generally has a positive vibe.


5 - Master Investor - One for the ‘macro’ guys. Even though this is investor focussed, we find that the general economic stuff is helpful to keep us abreast of the issues relevant to Forex. And frankly, it is mostly very well written and by some seriously big names. Jim Mellon is a personal hero of Owen’s (man-crush alert!) and his regular column is a must read.


If you have stumbled upon this page in your quest to find some useful-but-free trading tools and worthwhile reading then we hope it has helped.


There is, of course, and abundance of free trading material here on Two Blokes Trading. Regardless of your trading experience I am confident you will enjoy the weekly trading podcast.


If you are brand new to trading, then I suggest checking out our broker review pages and trader toolkit to get yourself up and running!


Happy trading!


Owen + Tom

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