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DF Markets Broker Review

df markets broker review

DF Markets Broker Review


df markets broker review

DF Markets is a relative newcomer and has done a good job creating a service that allows traders to use a multitude of different platforms and trade a reasonable amount of products. They are not the biggest name in spreadbetting which may put off some people, but as an FCA regulated firm you know you are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme regardless of their status in the marketplace. Where DF Markets really come into their own is their spreads….

DF Markets Broker Review - Products and Spreads

DF Markets clearly know that if they want to enter a crowded marketplace they are going to have to standout. Clearly they are not operating on a massive marketing budget but they know that if they offer rock-bottom spreads then word will get around!  Across commonly traded products they stormed into first place and secured a solid second place in FX only.


They also have a good number of products to trade it would seem, with 7 out of our 10 randomly selected basket of products. They are strong in unusual currency pairs, but smaller shares, indices and Bitcoin were not their strong suit.
With the benefit of an MT4 Account you will be able to trade a number of products with tight spreads using an established platform - what’s not to like!?

DF Markets Broker Review - Interface and Platforms

No one at DF Markets is going to try and convince you that their Web Trader platform is the best thing since someone started slicing bread. However, it does the job, has charts with tools and allows you to execute trades on the go. Similar, their web app.


But they have two secret weapons up their sleeve:


Firstly, ff you click ‘advanced’ on the chart function on the Web Trader then it will pop your chart out in a new window, and convert to a chart powered by Trading View. Widely acknowleged as basically the best chart drawing software around, this is pretty cool. Whatever deal they spun with TradingView, I can think of a number of other brokers who should do the same!
Secondly, if the Web Trader platform doesn’t float your boat, and you aren’t sure about having to pop out TradingView charts, you may be happy to hear that , their downloadable desktop application DFTrader is actually rather superb!

DF Markets Broker Review - Service

One of the few companies who didn’t call me after I opened the account. This is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on your viewpoint, but it was informative. It seems that their internal sales processes may not be as advanced as some, or maybe they have fewer staff.


Either way, I did receive an email from an individual and was very easily able to pick up the phone proactively speak to someone who agreed to effectively be my account manager. He was honest and friendly, although it seemed a little surprised that I called!


If you look at their customer service page it is clear that they would rather you email or use the Live Chat feature rather than call them. They do have a phone number to call but it is only open 9-5 UK time. This is probably the result of having fewer staff than the big boys, but those savings do appear to be passed back to you in low spreads.
If you want a spreadbetting provider that offers a good price without the bells and whistles of a fully fledged customer service and sales team, then DF Markets may well be your type of place!


DF Markets Broker Review - Safety

DF Markets, or Delta Financial Markets to give them their full name, are based in Canary Wharf London and have been FCA regulated since 2011. When you ring them a real person based in London answers. They a fully legit firm even if you may not have heard of them. With their relatively small market presence it is hard to get the ‘internet vibe’ on them but there seems to be a generally positive feel and fewer of the usual ‘I got fleeced by these guys’ hard luck stories that abound in this medium! Although that may just be a symptom of their having had few clients over the years...


DF Markets Broker Review - Conclusion

A bold effort to enter a busy marketplace, the standout feature of DF Markets is their very, very good spreads. You can trade the UK 100 from 0.5 per point - all but one other firm in this selection has the price at 1 point. A lot of people trade the DAX only - 0.3 per point, thank you very much!! We managed to get this price in live market testing under normal conditions on their proprietary web platform - an astonishingly low price!
They aren’t the biggest or the most well known spreadbetting firm, and they don’t have the best front-end software, but it is greatly improved with the use of TradingView charts within their application. These are a solid option for any trader looking for low spreads on indices and forex and a good breadth of products to trade.

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