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DF Markets CFD Broker Review

df markets broker review

DF Markets CFD Broker Review


DF Markets CFD Broker Review – Overview


df markets broker reviewDF Markets’ CFD offering, or at least the one reviewed, is run by their London arm. They are Bulgarian company, headquartered in Sofia and although established are not one of the biggest players in the market. But they are FCA regulated with offices in London so they have earned the right to play with the big boys. DF Markets would never claim to be the biggest or to have the best front end, but what they can boast is rock bottom spreads. If you want to scalp and don’t mind using their desktop DF Trader application then these guys could be a great shout.


DF Markets CFD Broker Review – Products and Spreads


Entering the highly competitive CFD broker market is a daunting task I would imagine. But if you are going to try to stand out, then having some of the best spreads around is a good place to start.  Their core forex spreads are great, but beaten by some other big boys. But in indices and commodities they have a tremendous range of low-spread products.


Their product range is strong as well – with only 3 of the 10 missing. Outside of the expected products they are strong in exotic currencies, with a big offering, in case you spot something going on with the Israeli New Sheqel and desperately want to trade it against the Polish Zloty. Their metals offering is limited to Gold and Silver and they don’t offer a huge amount of Indices, but as previously mentioned, those they do offer have a great, low spread.


DF Markets CFD Broker Review – Interface and Platforms


DF Markets have taken an interesting route in their approach to their proprietary front end. Their basic Web Trader platform, at first glance, looks a bit basic. Not many tools, not the best looking. But, if you scratch at the surface a little bit, you will realise that they actually have a tremendous platform offering.


One of the main reasons for this is that they have added a functionality that, by clicking ‘advance’ on a chart, pops the chart out into a new window in a layout powered by TradingView. Many readers of this will know that TradingView supply arguably the best chart analysing platform that is freely available on the web and it has proved wildly popular with retail traders. By giving you access to TradingView charts without having to leave the broker platform, DF Markets have instantly wiped out any negative associated with their own cut-back front end.


On top of this, DF Markets offer a downloadable desktop application called DFTrader that is a marked improvement on their web app and has all the draw tools and similar that you are likely to need contained in one easy to use programme. It is effectively their own MT4 alternative and if you aren’t a fan of browser based trading, you could certainly do a lot worse.


DF Markets CFD Broker Review – Service


DF Markets are one of the companies that balance customer service well – they are there if you need them but they won’t pester you. When I opened my CFD account I didn’t get a nagging call trying to get me to deposit instantly, but if you call their customer service team they are available to talk. They aren’t 24 hours like some of the bigger players, only 9 – 5 UK time, but for some that won’t be a problem. They have Live Chat and Email support that it seems they’d rather you use, but these cost savings are passed on to the client in low spreads it would seem, so it isn’t the end of the world.


DF Markets CFD Broker Review – Safety


Delta Financial Markets is a UK registered company headquartered in London and FCA regulated. They are part of a wider firm based in Sofia, Bulgaria but this doesn’t appear to impact them in either a positive or negative way – it seems fairly autonomous, at least from a structural perspective. Either way, they have strong regulation and are fully contactable by phone. They might not be the oldest of biggest company but they have put in place the things that give you the peace of mind when depositing with them.


DF Markets CFD Broker Review – Conclusion


DF Markets are a challenger brand that is improving all the time. Their central pillar is great spreads and they are building a strong offering around this. Their improvements to the online platform and efforts to be properly regulated are welcome and shows that they intend to grow in the market place. If  you want to trade the UK 100 from 0.5 per point then there are not many places you can get that price, but you can at DF Markets. DAX at 0.3 per point is an astonishing spread and one that was achieved in live markets in our test. If you frequently trade these core indices or forex pairs then you could be onto a winner here.



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