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Don’t Buy Trading Systems ‘Out of the Box’

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Don’t Buy Trading Systems ‘Out of the Box’


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This may come across as a little partisan (I make no secret of my love for Traders Support Club!) but this week I have become convinced that their course-plus-mentoring way of teaching you to trade is the only effective way to do it.


Listeners of the podcast will know that last week Tom and I backtested the exact same trading system from Traders Support Club, but ended up with entirely different results! Over 10 years of data each and Tom had taken literally twice as many trades as me!


It turned out that despite watching the same set of videos we had ended up trading the system in two completely different ways.


We argued back and forth about who was the legend and who was the dumbass, but, surprisingly enough, no conclusion was reached. Without the mentoring that backs up the Traders Support Club video course, I am fairly sure I’d have given up on the spot. Or just murdered Tom where he stood.


But with TSC, that wasn’t the end of the story.


A Big Issue for Lots of Traders


One of the things I enjoy most about Two Blokes Trading is the interaction with the awesome TBT community. I love hearing stories of people’s trials, tribulations and successes as they are learning to trade.


One of the common threads in these conversations is people’s frustration that, despite online trading having been a ‘thing’ for about two decades, there still doesn’t seem to be a ‘system’ you can buy and trade for profit, right out of the box.


Surely someone, somewhere, has worked out how to make consistent money in the markets using a set of fool-proof rules? Well, certainly, enough people claim that they have done this. But the people I speak to from our community have often tried these miracle cures and found that they are a sure fire way to lose money, not gain it.


Why is this? Is it that all of the people selling courses online are charlatans? No, I don’t think that’s it. Having met many of the well known educators I know that a lot of them do trade actively and do make money. They create their course and offer their system or signals to their audience in full expectation that they can help other traders to be successful. Yet, often their audience then trades the system or signal and loses money.


Backtesting Drama


After giving this phenomenon some thought I am not convinced that either party is at fault.

Traders who trade profitably and then make their system or signals available to other traders could be forgiven for think that those traders will also be able to make money.


Traders who buy systems off proven-profitable traders should be forgiven for thinking that they would be able to replicate their results. But so often it seems that this is not the case.


The reality is that if you give ten traders the same system they’ll get ten different sets of results.

Coaching is Essential


With most trading courses the story would end here. Perhaps one or both of us would have traded the system for a while, probably inaccurately, lost money and quit. Such is the story of retail traders.


But Ali knows that this is the retail traders’ trap, and he created the Live Online Trading Room to prevent it from happening. We sent in our results, logged into the room and hey-presto, they sorted us out.


It is this ‘after sales support’ (if I can call it that, sorry Ali!) which is so crucial and the reason that we chose TSC as our trading educator.


The Only Way To Do It


This may seem like I am pumping TSC heavily here, but I can’t stress the point enough. If you just buy a trading book or a video course for a specific system and you never actually speak to the profitable traders, I believe that the vast majority of new traders will just find new and exciting ways to cock it up.


know I did.


I am absolutely certain that this is the only effective way to get your trading education. There has to be an element of mentoring or coaching to follow up the systems you’ve been taught – without it I simply cannot see any way to usefully apply the theory to your trading.


It’s like the Open University – it might be remote learning but they still insist on some contact with a Professor!

3 Months Free


The objection, of course, is that mentoring is expensive. And, yes, compared to a book or one-off course it can be.


That is why Ali has offered Two Blokes Trading listeners an exclusive 3 month trial of his Foundation Plus membership level. You will receive access to the video course and the crucial Thursday night coaching webinars.


Ali believes in his training programme and is confident that you will like what you see. He believes that if you give them a shot you will stick around after the 3 months to become a long term member of the Traders Support Club family.


Happy trading




Exclusive Two Blokes Trading Offer – Try Traders Support Club Free for 3 Months HERE!

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