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EdgeWonk Review

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Edgewonk Review


  • Serious Traders Recommend a Trading Journal to Analyse and Improve
  • Edgewonk is Made 'By Traders, For Traders'
  • Most Comprehensive Trading Journal on the Planet
  • Extremely Easy to Use and Fully Customisable
  • All Your Trading Data Stored on Your Machine, Completely Private


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Why You Need A Trading Journal

Edgewonk Review: Almost all ‘learn to trade’ books, courses and websites agree: keeping a trading journal is essential to improving your trading. If you never look back at your trades, never review what went wrong and what went right, then how are you ever going to decrease the errors and increase the good trades?

Keeping a trading journal can be as simple as writing down your trade plans in a notebook. You then record whether you made or lost money when the trade closes - easy! You can step that up slightly to be an Excel spreadsheet with specifics of entries and exits, times, dates, pips won or lost etc.

A Proper One!

If you truly want to be able to zero in on your trading edge, then that Excel spreadsheet is going to have to be extremely advanced. This means hours of work creating macros and pivot tables! For $169 you can pick up the ready made Edgewonk trading journal and save yourself those hours and dedicate them to learning to trade instead.

Both Tom and Owen actively use Edgewonk for all of our trading - this is a hands-on-heart recommendation!

Easy To Set Up, Highly Customisable

Edgewonk is extremely simple to set up. You can enter parameters across almost any criteria you like .These can include technical signals, conviction, emotions, which system you used: almost anything.

Once you have your criteria you can then start entering your trades, noting profits and losses, whether you stuck to your plan, did you move your stop loss, did you hit the initial take profit etc etc!

Analyze and Improve

The beauty of Edgewonk is that you then have the data at your fingertips. You can assess and zero in on your trading edge without leaving one standalone application.

Is one of your setups making profit while one is losing money? Are you in overall profit but when you move your stop loss you make less profit? Or the other way around?

You can cut the data however you want and Edgewonk’s simple design means the data is extremely easy to visualise.

There are obvious benefits to having the ability to analyse individual trades or groups of trades and it is clear how this can improve your trading edge in the future.

However, there is a hidden benefit to tracking all of your trading: you will have to be honest with yourself. No more ‘oh yeah I am probably breaking even’. No more ‘oh I did stick to my plan but it went against me’ if you know you actually jumped the gun or bailed out before your take-profit target!

Over time, these obvious and subtle benefits will increase your profitability and pay back the small cost of the product very quickly.

Essential For All Traders

Edgewonk has specific customisations for shares, forex, spread betting etc - however you trade they will have a customisation for you.

At just $169 you will see a quick return on your money whatever your trading size is. Edgewonk is the most comprehensive trading journal on the market and is almost without competitor.

Tom and Owen believe that Edgewonk is a must-have product for any trader who is serious about turning their trading into a profitable business. No business can operate without clear records, least of a trading business.

Created By Traders, For Traders

Edgewonk has been created by two professional traders who are consistently profitable. It originated as a tool that they wanted to build for themselves.

As profitable traders they have also written a 12 week guide that details both the best use of Edgewonk and some brilliant advice for all new traders.

If you are just starting out or have been struggling to be profitable then the journal plus the two week course will cost you $197. If you just want the journal it is only $169.

The course is fully recommended and Tom and Owen both went through it when first starting to trade.

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Edgewonk Review

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