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ETX Capital Review 2017

etx broker review

ETX Capital Review


ETX Capital is an undoubted leader in spreadbetting provision and is one of the most popular brokers in the etx broker reviewUK. They have no real weak points and consistently perform well in spreads, product offering, trading platform and execution and a low 'pounds-per-pip' entry barrier for new or small-account traders. If you are a beginner you will be pleased to hear that on some currency pairs you can trade from 0.25p per pip, which is much lower than many others and great for those starting with a small account. ETX Capital is are a tremendous all-rounder and also offer an MT4 option - this is why The Two Blokes spreadbet with ETX Capital. 



ETX Capital Review- Products and Spreads

Generally well stocked in the products category. They come equal third after IG Index and CMC Markets on our selection of 10 random products. They are strong on the core offerings like Currencies and Indexes but fall down in shares - without a strong offering in smaller UK shares for instance. If you want to trade equities exclusively you may be better served by a specialist like Spreadex, but if you want to trade Forex or similar then ETX Capital has you well covered. Spreads are good, if slightly higher than some competitors on a few products, but the differences are marginal and you know if you trade with ETX that you are getting a decent deal on spreads. 

ETX Capital Review - Interface and Platforms

The ‘TraderPro’’ interface is good and there are some nice tools. It lacks a bit of the polish in graphics of CMC Markets, but it has an undoubted edge over the cut-back offerings of the smaller players like DF Markets or London Capital Group and it has full user functionality. It has a full range of customisable indicators, so unless your tastes are very ‘off-piste’ you will be well served here. You can have the background either black or white to suit your tastes but that’s it in terms of customisable skins. The black-and-gold theme is my favourite, it is a bit different to many things out there and gets a big thumbs up, but that is rather subjective I suppose! There is an MT4 option which is good to see, meaning you can take advantage of their reasonable spreads and good FX product offering without using their front end if you are not a fan.


ETX Capital Review - Service

With UK based call-centres and a dedicated account manager you never have to fret about getting hold of ETX.  Account opening was very simple and there was no high-pressure phone call, more of a service oriented call. Nothing to report here.

Andrew Saks-Mcleod of Finance Feeds Comment: “Prominent British spread betting and CFD firm which has expanded its reach considerably over the last two years. Focusing largely on the domestic British market. Privately owned rather than publicly listed, the company is smaller than CMC Markets or IG Index, but has a very strong reputation among loyal British retail traders.”


ETX Capital Review - Safety

As an FCA regulated firm ETX Capital, or rather it’s parent company ‘Monecor’ is a solid option. More than just being regulated in the UK it is based in London with a British senior management team and can trace its lineage back to 1965. They’ve been around a long time and without any recent blips in fines or financial issues - a solid, safe choice.


ETX Capital Review - Conclusion

If you choose ETX Capital as your spread betting broker you can feel assured that you have made a good decision. Some specialists may choose other brokers that have particular niche strenghts, but with low 'pound-per-pip' requirements and a great all-round offering, ETX Capital is great beginner broker but will serve even the most advanced traders. With a strong pedigree, solid risk management and FCA regulated you know your money is safe. With UK call centres and Account Managers and a London Office you know where to find them if you have problems!  

The Two Blokes use ETX Capital for our real-money spread betting accounts, so you have our true endorsement!

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