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John Walsh

John Walsh
John Walsh
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Nickname/Trading Name
Black Cabbie Trader
Asset-Classes Traded:
  • Stocks
How many years have you been trading?
3 – 6 Years
What inspired you to get into trading?
I was interested in the stock market from a young age, as a teenager I used to keep the pages from the daily newspaper that had the stock prices, I would follow the tickers and the prices but didn’t really know what they meant, it wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s when I entered a trading competition here in the UK called the ‘City Index Trading Academy’ where I was actually taught to trade and I went on to win the competition where the prize was 100K that my trading journey really began and I have not looked back since.
How did you learn to trade?
After the competition had finished I was pretty much left to get on with my trading journey alone but had the foundations on which to build on, I started by day trading indices to which I had some success but trading stocks was always my passion so I began trading stocks to the long side only and held for as long as I liked but never really had any focus regarding what stocks I chose to trade or when I would close a trade. I read some trading books and it became clear to me that trend trading both to the long and short side using 52 week highs and lows as guide was the way to go so looked into that some more then began scanning stocks every night for potential trading ideas, it was at this point that I heard about the ‘turtle traders’ and I incorporated some of their strategy and what they were taught into my own regarding trade size and stop loss placement and then I was ready to go.
What is your trading style?
My style is a simple one, I simply aim to capture a part of an already established trend by going Long stocks that are hitting 52 week highs and go Short stocks that are hitting 52 week lows with a strict risk management approach so as not to damage my account if I have a string of losing trades (which does happen with trend trading) and be able still to trade when the time comes to be in a stock that captures a big part of a trend.
What advice would you give new traders?
Traders can be their own worst enemy simply because they get in the own way by double guessing themselves when things do or don’t go there way, they just need to let their system play out as it should and let the chips fall as they may, it’s all about being a robot and leaving emotion at the door.
Please list any resources/websites you would recommend:
Charting –

Scanning –

And of course my own site

Two Blokes Trading

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