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Two Blokes Learn to Trade Online CFD Broker Review




Overview are part of a large organisation that is logoted on the London Stock Exchange and is regulated in 2 quality jurisdictions. They have solid spreads and a good front end, as well as a comprehensive MT4 offering. Their forex spreads are normal and their indices spreads are good, but they also have a tremendous offering on equities. You can trade shares CFDs from dozens of countries with very low dealing cost. The variety of CFD and Forex platform offerings plus their solid competence and safety make a great choice for any trader.


MARKETS.COM CFD Broker Review – Products and Spreads


There are brokers that focus purely on spreads, and it is likely that they will beat on some products, particularly the core majors. However, base their USP on having a solid, reliable platform with excellent execution and good customer service, rather than rock-bottom spreads. Their spreads are mostly fixed and even across the board, so although you may find EURUSD a pip cheaper elsewhere, their minors spreads often beat the competition. If you are looking to scalp the core forex majors, trading several times a day, then you may wish to look elsewhere, otherwise forex traders will be well served here.


Their Indices and Commodities spreads are good and their cost of trading equities CFDs is also very good. They offer most products you would look to trade and their equities offering is one of the best around. Unless you are looking for something very exotic you should be able to trade it on


MARKETS.COM CFD Broker Review – Interface and Platform have their own proprietary front end for trading CFDs that offers some great functionality and a clean, simple and easy to use interface. Fans of multiple screens may be disappointed, but switching between charts is easy and there is absolutely zero lag. And man, do I hate lag!


There’s all the indicators that most traders will need and a trade volume feature that can be useful with many trading strategies. That isn’t the case with all broker front ends, so it is a welcome touch.


There are some tools that would be nice – a fibonacci retracement draw tool, for instance – and in that area the front end is maybe not as complete as some, but it is an ever evolving piece of work and hopefully they will be there soon. Of course, with an MT4 option, there is always an abundance of tools that you can use on this established software!


Their platform is enhanced by some cool features such as the unique Trader Trends that show what percentage of traders are buying or selling each product – great for judging sentiment!


MARKETS.COM CFD Broker Review – Service have a large customer service unit that are available 24hrs by phone, but unusually they also have a live-chat feature hosted on their platform front end. I’ve used this feature and you do get very fast contact with a real human, so fair play! The people on the other side of the chat box are good for basic queries but aren’t as knowledgeable as the customer service phone teams (of which they have many internationally), so if you have a complex question you’ll want to pick up the phone.


MARKETS.COM CFD Broker Review – Safety are part of the wider company Playtech Plc, a company listed on the London Stock Exchange that is part of the FTSE 250 index. As a global company, they are also regulated by two respected regulatory bodies, CySec of Cyprus and the FSB of South Africa. South African regulation is very unusual for global retail brokers so is a nice perk if you are from that part of the world. CySec has a 30,000 euro deposit protection scheme which will keep your money safe in the case of an unlikely default, so you are well protected there too.


MARKETS.COM CFD Broker Review – Conclusion are a large broker from an even larger company. The size of a broker is important – they are likely to be around for years to come! Their front end is solid and simple even if it maybe lacks one or two tools – hopefully these will be added soon. Their product range is very broad and their spreads are good in some areas, perhaps average in forex. Their trade execution is superb and the spreads seem to be fixed which gives you certainty in your trading.



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