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Nick Houghton

Nick Hoots (eToro)
Nick Houghton
Nickname/Trading Name
Asset-Classes Traded:
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Currencies
How many years have you been trading?
6+ Years
What inspired you to get into trading?
I was inspired by the thought of being able to work from home & I am about to achieve this goal.
How did you learn to trade?
I learnt the hard way , by opening a spread bet account thinking that it looked easy. Then after blowing my cash I realised it was a lot easier to lose than it is to win.
So I have been to London on a few courses & also done online courses.
But my main education has been time & practice , gaining experience.
What is your trading style?
I would say my trading style that has built up over the years is “hedge trading” . I like to cover my positions.
Another part of my style is longer term recovery/or pullback trading , so looking at a market that has had or i think is about to have a big move.
This could be a recovery of a stock for example.
I also use chart indicators.
What advice would you give new traders?
Practice on a demo account & make your mistakes with pretend money.
Build & practice a strategy that works for you & stick to it.
Don’t get emotional.
Learn to read charts.
Please list any resources/websites you would recommend: (Look for Nickhoots)
Bloomberg TV
Two Blokes Trading

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