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SPREADEX Broker Review

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SPREADEX Review 2017


Spreadex Review 2017 - Overview

Spreadex are a broker with a very clear Unique Selling Point - they are an Shares specialist Spread Betting and CFD provider. Spreadex are comfortably the leader when it comes to offering equities, particularly small cap shares. They have the largest number of AIM shares available, including companies down to £1 million in market cap. Aside from equities, you can also trade indices, currencies and commodities on Spreadex, as well as, unusually, Spread Betting on Options. Their currency spreads, particularly on the majors, are a little higher than some forex-focused competitors, but not by much. Spreadex have an advanced charting platform, are FCA regulated and have won numerous industry awards for their customer service.They are a solid Spread Betting broker choice on almost all benchmarks.

Spreadex inspires a loyal following with it’s UK based audience for its Spread Betting service. It seems that the Shares Spread Betting community have made them a clear favourite, with a number of trading ‘celebrity’ users as well, like Robbie Burns aka The Naked Trader.

Spreadex Review - Products and Spreads

If trading shares is the main thrust of your Spread Betting strategy, then you may want to seriously consider Spreadex. They have the largest selection of UK small cap shares on the market and they back this up with a vast range of international equities that are available to trade. You can trade shares from Germany, France, USA, Portugal...etc! They also provide Futures contracts as well as Rolling Daily on a number of shares, giving you more ways of playing a particular share.

The spreads for Spreadex are, as you would expect, very good for shares and not quite so good for currencies. All of their spreads have the advantage of being fixed allowing you to manage your trading cost and risk more accurately. It also means that in times of higher volatility you don’t need to worry about the spread cost of your trading going up.

If you are a high-frequency currency trader then the slightly higher-than-average spreads on forex may not suit, you but if you swing trader or only trade currencies occasionally then it won’t matter so much.

Spreadex are also very unusual in offering Spread Betting on Options.They offer many different Options on indices, and this adds a new way of Spread Betting that can help you put together advanced Options trading strategies without the very high capital requirements of regular Options trading.

Uniquely, Spreadex offer Sports Spread Betting from the same account as your financial spread betting. Within the Sports Spread Betting section they offer ways to speculate on political events such as elections as well.

Spreadex Review - Interfaces and Platforms

The Spreadex charting package is clean and easy to use with a good range of indicators and draw tools. You can pop the charts out into new windows - which is always nice - and it has basically the full functionality and customisability that you many need. The overall platform is well designed and easily navigable, with everything accessible from one screen. It also doesn’t seem to suffer from any of the lag that a number of browser based brokers are afflicted with.

Spreadex don’t offer an MT4 option which may be a deal breaker for some. But, if you aren’t worried about that then there isn’t much to complain about with their recently updated proprietary trading platform. The apps are clean and powerful as well and available on all the devices you would expect.

Spreadex Review - Regulation

FCA regulated and a veteran of online trading since 2000, Spreadex is one of the safest brokers out there. They are healthily profitable as a business, meaning you don’t need to worry about them going under in the normal course of things, but of course all client money is segregated from company money anyway. They are UK based, north of London in St Albans with full contact details and address widely published.

Spreadex Review - Service

Aside from their place as the Shares Spread Betting market leader, Spreadex’s other USP is their tremendous record with customer service. They consistently score highly for customer satisfaction on Trustpilot and have won numerous industry awards for their customer service.   When I have called their customer service number it has connected instantly to their UK office and I have received clear and friendly help, with no unwanted sales pressure at all. You won’t automatically get a personal account manager with Spreadex, but if you call them, there will always be someone to assist you. They have separate numbers for customer service and the financial spread betting team. Because of their shares focus their daily and weekly analysis and site tools like the economic calendar offer updates on the Equities markets, not just Forex like most brokers.

Spreadex Review 2017 - Conclusion

Spreadex have carved themselves a particular niche in the Spread Betting market, as the premier provider of shares Spread Betting services. They are doing an excellent job in their area. If you want to Spread Bet shares then we would highly recommend them to be considered. If you want to Spread Bet small cap shares from the UK AIM markets then they have an even stronger case. They do offer other products as well so you won’t be needing to open up another account if you want to trade Forex or other products, but it would be nice if some of the spreads on the majors were a little lower. They are a UK based company with UK service staff, so you won’t be stuck on the phone with someone that doesn’t understand your needs, should you ever have a problem. All in all, Spreadex are a highly recommended Spread Betting broker if you want to trade shares, and still very worth considering if you are looking at trading other products.


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