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Trading Training: Increasing Profits Through Marginal Gains

Trading Training

Trading Training: Increasing Profits Through Marginal Gains

The Two Blokes Learn to Trade # 1

Next Steps - Trading Training

The time has finally come for Tom and I to take the plunge and get ourselves on a trading training course. We’ve been trading for about ten months and have got ourselves to a place where we are making modest profits. But, being ambitious types, we want to take our trading to the next level.  We both feel that the time is right to get some formal trading training.


Why Now?

You might ask why, since we are just about becoming profitable, that we have decided now is the time to get on a trading course? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? Well, it is often said that online trading is the hardest job in the world; I wouldn’t expect to be able to consistently progress in a job that hard without getting formal tuition. It’s like my golf: I might be able to hit the ball in a straight (ish) line, but I still get lessons from a pro! For the same reasons, we will now be looking to get pro trading training.


Traders Support Club

The course we will be doing is the training programme from Traders Support Club, run by Ali Crooks. It gives a solid foundation in technical trading, with a focus on learning how to build, backtest and trade an ‘edge’ for consistent profits. Rather than teach us one system, Ali’s trading training teaches you to build your own successful trading strategy.


Ali himself doesn’t like me calling it a ‘course'. This is because the focus of Traders Support Club is very much on ‘after sales’ support.. Once you’ve been through the course you join the Club. Every morning you log into the Club's trading room and discuss setups - helping you stay on track.


This is perfect for us at this time of our trading careers. We both have some technical setups we like, but a daily group is going to keep us honest, and ensure that we stick to our trading plans!


Marginal Gains

Anyone who follows sports or is interested in self-improvement, will have heard the phrase ‘marginal gains’. Both Tom and I are big fans of the concept. Whilst we may be able to trade a bit, and have a setup or two that we like, it would be disingenuous of us to suggest that we have perfected all (or any…) of the sub-games within the wider game of trading. Marginal gains in trading equals major profit increases over time!


Take backtesting for instance - Ali Crooks is massively into backtesting. We recently interviewed an astonishingly successful graduate of the Traders Support Club programme. Ceri Bryans takes backtesting to a whole new level of scientific detail. Listen to Episode 32 if you want to hear for yourself! I can’t speak for Tom, but if I look at my own backtesting spreadsheets, can I honestly say that they are as thorough as they should be? Or that I have captured all of the requisite data for truly proving my edge? Probably not.


There are dozens of other areas where marginal gains will add up to a massive improvement overall. Ali is the right man to help us grab those gains!


When Should You Take a Training Course?


Ok, that’s enough about us, what about you? When should you sign up for a training course?


Although Ali will take absolute beginners on the Traders Support Club course, the main piece of advice I would give is that you should have some idea of how you want to trade, before you pay for a course. Maybe you have read a couple of trading basics books or watched some videos. Maybe you’ve just listened to a few episodes of the Two Blokes Trading podcast! Paying for a trading course is a big commitment. But if you know you want to trade, and have some idea of how, then it will likely be the best investment you could ever make in your financial future.


We both know we love trading and becoming good - great - it is our number one goal. We also both know how we want to trade. Tom is wedded to technical trading; he is on a mission to find and perfect an edge and trade it over the long term to consistently build his account. I quite like trading from Forex fundamentals. But I know that a strong technical trading foundation will improve my profitability. If I can perfect the technical aspects of my system through Ali’s course, then I know that I will make more money in the long run than if I just focused on the market fundamentals.


First Step

We are really looking forward to starting the Traders Support Club programme. I believe it is the key to turning our sporadic profits into consistent profits. If you are ready to join a programme then we would certainly recommend Traders Support Club, and we will be telling you all about our experience over the coming weeks.

It is going to be quite a journey. A few of you have already expressed an interest in joining us on that journey - if you want to check them out, visit Be sure to mention Two Blokes Trading to get a superb discount!

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