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What Kind of Broker Are You Looking For?

Choosing the right broker is at the heart of any great trading strategy. The Two Blokes have researched and reviewed dozens of leading brokers from around the world. The first decision you have to make is: how do you want to trade? Do you want to Spread Bet or trade CFDs? If you are unsure of the difference check out this article.

UK and Ireland Only!

You can only Spread Bet if you live in the United Kingdom or Ireland. If you do live in one of those two countries then Spread Betting may be a great option for you. It is simple to understand and has some great specialist brokers.

Trade on rising or falling markets and across thousands of products including currencies, commodities, indices and shares.

Crucially, unlike CFD trading, there is NO TAX to pay on your Spread Betting profits!

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Allowed in many European, Middle Eastern, Asian and African countries, including the UK and Ireland, but not the United States.

Use Contracts For Difference (CFDs) to trade on rising or falling markets and across thousands of products including currencies, commodities, indices and shares.

If CFD trading is allowed in your country then it can be the most effective way of trading a wide variety of products in a clear, simple and cost effective manner.

Unlike Spread Betting you may have tax to pay on CFD trading winnings, but this will depend on your country of residence and personal situation.

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This page reviews brokers regulated in the UK or Europe. If you are a United States based trader, don’t worry - a review page of US Regulated Forex Brokers is coming soon!

Forex, otherwise known as FX, Foreign Exchange or Currencies trading, is one of the purest forms of trading. There is an abundance of trading styles and a broker to fit each one.

Most UK and European regulated brokers provide Forex trading through underlying CFD products. It is rarer that they would provide the ‘Lots’ Forex trading that you will hear about if you read US media.

CFD based Forex is great - you can profit from up or down moves easily and the tax implications are simple to understand.

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