A beginners guide to trading & technical analysis

  • Gain complete understanding of how the FOREX Market works
  • Understand essentially terminology such as pips, points and, lots, bid, ask, spread, etc.
  • Going through the different currency instruments available to trade
  • How to place a trade in the forex market 
  • Understanding the different timeframes to trade 
  • What a candlestick is and how to use it effectively when reading the charts
  • Exploring chart patterns, trendlines and how to trade them

Course Curriculum

What Is Forex?

What Is Forex?

Introduction Into Forex Trading

Forex Market Hours

Placing A Trade

Currency Pairs

Measurement Of Movement

Forex Trade Sizes


Different Type Of Orders



Introduction To Candlesticks

Candlestick Patterns

Support & Resistance

What Are Support & Resistance

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