Trader Interviews

Trader Interviews: Below you will find our archive of interviews which goes all the way back to our launch! You will find CEOs and trading industry insiders, as well as successful Retail Traders and Institutional Traders alike. So dive right in!

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Kyle Hills

Aug 22, 2016

  Name Kyle Hills Website/Blog Website 2 Nickname/Trading Name QuileHills Asset-Classes Traded: ETFs Stocks Currencies How many years have you been trading? 1 – 3 Years What inspired you to get into trading? Stock simulator competitions among college friends. How did you learn to trade? Using simulator, then losing real money and correcting…

The Number One Trait of Successful Traders – Resilience

Jul 26, 2016

    We recently had the pleasure of speaking to John Walsh, aka the Black Cabbie Trader, on the Two Blokes Trading podcast. We discussed his background and how he came to be a successful retail trader and find out what makes him tick. One of his most informative answers was when we asked him…

Tom and Owen’s Beginner Trading System

Jun 20, 2016

Tom and Owen’s Beginner Trading Systems At Two Blokes Trading we don’t claim to be expert traders (quite the opposite in fact…) so we certainly don’t want the people listening to the podcast or reading this blog to start following our systems or expecting us to produce ‘signals’ for them to trade off. However, as…

Trader Interviews: At the heart of the Two Blokes Trading podcast are the guest trader interviews. Tom and Owen realised that the best way for them to learn to trade was to speak with all of the top people in the industry, both providers and traders.

The interviews come in two main types:

  • Interviews with leading trading industry insiders - getting insider secrets on how the trading industry works

  • Interviews with profitable traders - tips from traders who consistently make money trading

The interviews are all available in their full format in the relevant podcast episode, but for ease of access, if you wish to listen to just the interview they have been uploaded to the the Two Blokes Trading YouTube channel as well.

We have interviewed many guests who may be familiar to experienced traders:

  • Joe Hall - UK MD at eToro

  • David Jones - Ex CMC Markets and IG Index

  • John Walsh (trader interview) - The Black Cabbie Trader

  • Michael Hewson - Chief Market Analyst at CMC Markets

  • Chris Beauchamp - Chief Market Analyst at IG Index

  • Doc Holiday (trader interview) - Well-Known Equities Trader

  • Brandon Turner (trader interview) - Forex Fundamentals Trader (and good friend of the show!)

  • Lee Sandford  (trader interview) - Ex Footballer and CEO of Trading College

  • Andrew Saks-Mcleod - Founder and Editor of

And many many more!

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The Two Blokes’ learning curve as traders has been dramatically shortened by getting first hand knowledge from these traders and trading educators and they are delighted to be able to share these conversations with the many thousands of people listening to the podcast.

Happy trading!