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Your Trading Education Starts Here

Right then you lot - as we all know trading education is key to becoming a long term successful trader and as we also know it's hard to find independent impartial information out there when it comes to this kind of thing, which is exactly why here at Two Blokes Trading our aim is to create a 'one stop shop' of trusted engaging information/education about Forex Trading.

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Forex Basic Training

This video course has been designed in order to provide a solid foundation for all 'newbie' Forex traders to build on. Topics covered include: What Is Trading, What Trading is NOT, What is Forex, Currency Pairs, Why Trade Forex, Where to Trade Forex, Forex Products Explained.

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Trading Fundamentals Course

Within this course Brandon 'The Boss' Turner takes you from zero to hero and teaches you everything you need to know about using Fundamental and Sentiment analysis when trading Forex. Topics Include: Fundamentals, Economic Cycles, Sentiment, Trading Tool and Resources, Trading Strategies and more!

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Trade Journaling Review

Almost all ‘learn to trade’ books, courses and websites agree: keeping a trading journal is essential to improving your trading. If you never look back at your trades, never review what went wrong and what went right, then how are you ever going to decrease the errors and increase the good trades? Watch the webinar video!

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