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018 – The Value of Trading Communities with David Belle of TradingView


Episode 18 - The Value of Trading Communities with David Belle of TradingView


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The GuestDavid Belle

David Belle is the UK Regional Manager of TradingView and swung by the pod to talk about the value of trading communities. Trading from home can be a lonely business and he gave some interesting viewpoints on why having an online space to listen to other ideas and present your own ideas can be a great way to spark your trading.

He also talked about his method of trading COT data. That’s the Commitments of Traders data and can be found here. He uses it to show when something may be overbought or oversold and he has had some good success with it.

You can catch David on Twitter @davidbellefx and on his blog


This Week

The Blokes wrapped up their 4 week trading challenge and reveal the overall winner! We are getting into the swing of trading ‘sentiment’ rather than technical trading and discuss whether this might work for us long term.

We were trading the USD off the back of the Interest Rate Decision and looked to make some pips in a volatile week.


Next Week

We’ll be assessing whether we can make a long term stab at fundamentals / sentiment trading and whether we need some form of Technical Indicator to help us get in and out of our trades.

We’ll be sitting down with Brandon Turner of Intex Learn for a detailed chat about what Sentiment truly is and how you can assess and trade it

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