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020 – What Caused the Flash Crash? And Trading Equities with Leverage

Episode 20 - What caused the Flash Crash & Trading Equities with Leverage

This week we discuss the ‘Flash Crash’ in GBP and chat to Chris Beauchamp of IG Index about trading equities with leverage. We kick off Equities Month with a chat on the ‘Known Unknowns’ and the ‘Unknown Unknowns’ of our equities trading education…Chris Beauchamp

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Chris Beauchamp of IG Index kindly joined us on the pod to kick off Equities Month with some discussion of trading equities using leverage. He showed us the difference between investing and trading when it comes to shares and points out a couple of pitfalls.

Chris actively trades shares himself and has done for a while and gives some sound advice in this episode.

We also spoke to José Ricaurte Jaén a professional trader with Guardian Trust FX on the Flash Crash that struck GBP last week and he gave his analysis on the causes

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