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004 – Pre Brexit Chat with David Papier of ETX Capital

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Episode 4 - Pre Brexit Chat with David Papier of ETX Capital


This Week

Well, we’ve read a book about Support and Resistance Lines, we’ve read a book about Double Bollinger Bands so we were ready to…..look at the markets!!

We both spent some time formulating a system (our individual choices can be seen on the Trading Blog section of and looking at the Forex charts in particular to see how these could be implemented.

In this show we discuss in a bit of detail the specifics and why we have chosen them - Owen has gone with a  trend trading strategy and Tom with a strategy focused on finding reversals. Both of us will be day-trading rather than swing trading. As we both work from home offices and have the ability to stare at screens for as long as we wish this seems to make sense….


Next Week

We are up and running! So we will be taking our first tentative steps into the market, hunting down some pips here and there and seeing if we can have a profitable first week!

We will be posting all our trades in the relevant part of the forum (please don’t just copy us - they are there for interest purposes only!) so do feel free to have a look and comment.

We’ve also got one eye (both eyes...all four many eyes as available…) on the EU Referendum vote - #Brexit and all that.

The biggest trading event of the decade is coming our first week of trading.

Owen has committed to a £20 binary options bet! Big Man!

But basically, neither of us feel comfortable properly trading this event this early in our we’ll be leaving well away from any proper spread bets.


The Guest

David Papier of ETX Capital is back on the show today to give us the low-down on Brexit from the brokers’ perspective. He believes that this is a gift-horse and we shouldn’t be staring at its tonsils.David Paiper

For our part...we are feeling a bit equinophobic...


The Books

David Jones’ Spread Betting the Forex Markets and Kathy Lien’s Little Book of Currency Trading are both mentioned here and proper reviews to come soon….


Owen + Tom!

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